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Passport & Plate - Vietnamese vegetarian wrap and roll (Bi cuon chay)

Vietnam | Saturday, 7 March 2015 | 5 photos

Prepare Ingredients:
A piece of fried tofu or just tofu and you can fry it slightly later
1 carrot (around 200 gr)
1 manioc (around 300 gr)
Garlic, Lemon, Chilli, Cooking oil
Salt, pepper and sugar
Wads of rice paper
Soy sauce
Mixed fresh vegetable (lecture, basil, sweet potato buds, perilla...)

How to prepare this recipe
1. Prepare:
Peel off manioc and carrot skin
Slice manioc and carrot into thin pieces
Slice fried tofu into thin pieces
Add a small amount of pepper, salt to mixed sliced manioc and carrot, fried tofu as well
Mince garlic

2. Be ready:
Fire the pan with cooking oil and put minced garlic in
Once minced garlic turns yellow, put sliced fried tofu in
Stir fry it until it turn darker yellow color (different from the yellow color of it's first slightly frying), put it in bowl
Stir fry mixed manioc and carrot until it reduces a little liquid, put the mixed into bowl

3. Get closer:
Water carefully mixed vegetable, remove some hard roots for comfortable eating
Take out rice paper and you may need a little water on it to make it soft for wrapping Rice paper will become wrapping cover with many inside layers
First layer: Mixed vegetable
Second layer: Stir fried tofu and mixed carrot and manioc
Fold both edges of wrapping cover and then roll it along the mixed layers

4. Make it done:
Mix soy sauce with a little sugar, minced chili and lemonade, stir well the liquid until good stating
The Vietnamese vegetarian wrap and roll (bi cuon chay) would be best served with sweet and sour soy sauce.

The story behind this recipe:
This Vietnamese vegetarian wrap and roll is usually served during Tet Holiday or Buddhist Holiday in Vietnam. People eat "bi cuon chay" on the very first day of Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday), it is because they believe that eating vegetarian food on such day will bring them luck, happiness and blesses. While on Buddhist Holiday, buddhist children will express their love, gratefulness and appreciation to their mothers by cooking one of vegetarian food such as "bi cuon chay". The food is also cooked for wordshiping their lated mothers or ancestors. The Buddist Holiday is one of the biggest holidays in Vietnam, and eating vegetarian is said to bring not only blesses, but also health and luck to vegetarian and the mothers who spend their whole year cooking and taking care of their children and family members.
"Easy cook, healthy option" is what this meal bring to you. It is low at fat with totally fiber and vegetable.

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