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Every Journey Counts Working with a charity and taking a look around. Just enjoying meeting people and living a different way of life with new challenges.

About gem_sky

Finding my way in the Land of Smiles.

I'm an artist and a true believer in the line 'strangers are just friends we haven't met yet!'

My blog is full of past tense since I only kept a written journal on my travels and sent the odd email.. my online journal has slowly become a mixture of Cambodian tales, surprised moments and valuable reflections on my experiences.

By keeping a blog, I want to maintain that feeling of discovery. To discover something new everyday.

I equate exciting, meaningful travel with working with others and setting challenges for myself, pushing my accepted boundaries just a little beyond my comfort zone and to trust myself and my abilities to handle it if it was a bad judgment call.

Whether I'm in a different country or just a different part of London, the freedom of the work I do with schools and project work allows me this privilege.

It's no easy task but I'm trying to go forward.

As the Cambodians would say:

"Please do not go backwards"

My next venture is to Berlin. But I'm looking for opportunities in Spain, Japan and of course Cambodia (I have many ideas for there especially)!

... keep walking, and happy reading! Gem x

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