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My Scholarship entry - Afromexico

Mexico | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 5 photos

I learned photography at school, but it was until I left my comfort zone that I began to understand it. My first trips with the camera were to rural communities in Mexico, where I encountered another reality from the one I lived in the city, a different relationship of men with their environment. I recognized the difference in places where "necessary" things are claimed by those who already have and want more, in contrast to those who have little. It has been inspiring to witness the ingenious creativity of many people to make the most of what they have while also exhibit generosity in sharing with their neighbors. Not that I didn´t knew that all this existed, but it was necessary to be there to be empathetic. That's why photography seems important to me: to make connections with people and places that we believe are distant, to see you in the eyes of others and recognize your closeness.
To a large extent, I am a person who finds herself in others; who thrives on the details and stories, rites and gazes of the people which share this planet. My earnest desire is that the great diversity found in the world be valued as it should. Photography is the medium that allows me to contribute toward that goal.
I´m excited about the idea to share a trip with Jason Edwards and learn how to see from another angle, to search for unique places and tune my photographic eyes. But what excites me the most is the possibility of drawing others attention toward the remarkable and inspiring diversity which exist on this planet, and as a result of that attract more people to leave that comfort zone where I was.

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