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Fleur Tonkin

Easter Sunday and Rolling Eggs

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 8 April 2012 | Views [1113]

My 'Hedgehog' Egg

My 'Hedgehog' Egg

I've had several interviews now; one of which was an interview with a 3rd nannying agency. I figure the more jobs I can apply for the better my chances are of getting one that I really want!

On Thursday I had an interview with a lady called Sukhi who has 2 sons; Kieran, 5 and Hari, 18 months. She seemed lovely and the job sounded pretty good. They live in a Suburb called Clapham; on the Northern Line of the tube. Kieran has mild autism; he is quite high functioning, but does not like sudden changes to his routine, and only eats 'dry, crunchy foods'.

On Good Friday I had an interview with a family in Ealing Broadway, and got to meet their 8 month old son, James. They were really laid back and friendly – it didn't even really feel like an interview!They asked me to come back for a trial on Tuesday (11th April), so I'm excited about that!

I flew back to Edinburgh that night to spend Easter with my 'wee Scottish pals'. On Saturday I did my best to make a “football” (an Australian soccer ball) cake, for Max next door who turned 11 on Good Friday and is having a party on Easter Sunday. We spent Saturday night decorating hard boiled eggs to roll down a big hill (A UK tradition!). I decorated one for Susan and I (a hedgehog and a silver disco bunny), Ian made a simple yet impressive snail, Bernadette made a cheerleader and Neil made a Welsh dragon. There were plenty of others too (see attached pictures)!

On Sunday morning we drove to the base of a big hill near Fife, took our eggs and climbed to the top. From someone who lives in the hills, I has quite impressed, haha. It took about 30 minutes to climb; the first 2/3rds weren't too steep, but the last part felt like it was almost straight up! (Worse than Bailey road for any Glen Forrestites reading)! We sat up the top and caught our breath for a bit (and waited for the stragglers). I took some photos of the view, but it was so windy that I was struggling to hold the camera still! Eventually we launched our eggs off the top of the hill, but they didn't go too far, and Max and Jay (Susan's neighbours' boys ) brought them back up for us to throw a few more times. Going back down the hill was much easier that the ascent, and we sat at the base and had a picnic lunch; which we finished just as the rain began!

When we got back I got stuck into icing the two mudcakes I had made the day before. Unfortunately one of them had fallen apart slightly, so there were two halves of a soccer ball, rather than one whole one (!) but they tasted nice and that was the main thing. We stayed until late in the evening, and I went back next door to finish packing and get some sleep before my 7am flight to London tomorrow!

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