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Settling Back In

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 30 March 2012 | Views [538]

The weather has been fantastic ever since I arrived - the day I flew in it was 23 degrees, Wednesday was about the same, and today was cooler (probably about 20), but still sunny and pleasant. Susan got badly burnt sitting outside on Wednesday, and I even got a touch of sun on my cheeks! The UK has also switched over to daylight savings at the moment (so is now only 7 hours behind WA) so it's still light past 8pm which is really nice (especially considering that it was dark by 4:30pm when I was here in winter)!!

Yesterday I went shopping with Susan and her mum Rena in Perth. It was funny seeing all of the shops I got used to before going back home, but in alot of ways it doesn't feel like I ever even left. I got a new watch (because the only one I took with me decided to die on the plane!), I found some bargains in Primark, a bracelet for 1 BGP, Undies from 1.70 GBP and Sunglasses for 3 GBP! I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn on dvd for Susan to watch, and they were only 3.99 and 11.99!

We finished our shopping with a trip to Marks and Spencers, where I found my favourite bourbon madagascan vanilla custard, and some of my beloved banoffee pie, but Susan and I went for a nice long walk in the evening to work off some of our treats! I also saw a bee, and could not believe how big they are here - about the size of one of our cockroaches, you could even see the fuzz on them!

Today Susan and I walked down to the local post office, and I took my old watch in to get fixed. I thought it was quite funny when I handed my malaysian knock-off watch to the jeweller, and he said "That's a nice little Gucci you have there"! I made a few batches of muffins for Ian's 'piece' (his lunch) and we hung around at home, waiting for the plasterer to come and fix some parts of the walls that had been damaged when Ian and Susan got new windows put in. We also spent a few hours outside chatting to Susan's neighbour, Bernadette over the fence.

Tomorrow Susan and I are going to Falklands for a bit of sightseeing. I'm looking forward to seeing my first Scottish palace!

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