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Day 1 - So Many Planes, So Many Airports!

MALAYSIA | Monday, 2 January 2012 | Views [567]

So today began with my alarm going off at 2:45 am to wake me up (after less than 2 hours sleep!) to get to the airport BEFORE the crack of dawn! Mum and Dad and my Aunty all saw me off which was nice - I didnt even get teary, but im not sure if that was due to sleep deprivation or if it was just because it hasn't really sunk in yet!

My first flight (Perth > KL) was pretty good, even though I didnt really sleep. I went to board the next flight (KL > Singapore) and the flight board said the gate was shut! I went around trying to find people to help me or at least tell me why it had boarded and closed so early when there was no time change, and all I got were staff trying to check in baggage that had already been checked in, staff who had no idea what I was talking about and then a man who repeated my question and moved straight on to the next person in the queue! I eventually got through all the queues to the gate and there was still a long line of people boarding so that was ok. It was so hot though! Heres me standing out on the tarmac in my jeans (all ready for the London weather) in 31C heat and humidity!

Singapore airport also proved tricky because my next flight wasnt for another 5 hours when I landed, so I asked the information desk about checking in early with Qatar and they said that i'd have to put it in a locker, so I did that, no worries...until I went back because I couldn't see my flight on the departure board and they told me that Qatar only flies out of Terminal 3 (I was at Terminal 1)! This information was not on my ticket either so it was a bit annoying (and i now know the layout of Terminal 1 very well!) but I got it all sorted out, I checked in and they (thankfully) didn't weigh my rather heavy hand luggage!

My first trip with Qatar airlines was fantastic! The seats were big and comfy, ample leg room, awesome food and complimentary socks, toothbrush and eye mask, plus an interactive tv with over 500 channels, audiobooks and games!! I was sitting next to two Swedish guys who started using their phones as soon as the 'Switch Off All Electronic Devices' sign came up-Grr! I thought I had lost my phone as I couldn't find it in my handbag anywhere, and didn't get a chance to do anything when I arrived at Qatar as I had to go to departures and board my connecting flight straight away, but then I found it in my carry on suitcase when I got on the plane so that was a big relief!

I arrived at Heathrow after another great flight with Qatar Airlines (and a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, a croissant and tropical fruit salad!!) at about 8am, then by the time my suitcase finally came it was 9am, I got through customs and immigration and caught the 11am coach to Ipswich. 4 hours later my friend Joan picked me up and drove me to her house in Coddenham. After more than 43 hours of flights, buses and being in transit it was nice to put my stuff down and stretch my legs!! The weather wasn't as bad as I was expecting-about 12C, so warm for an English winter and I managed to stay up until 9pm (5am Perth time) on my first night to get some semblance of a normal time schedule.

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