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'Cos we're leaving on a jet plane ASIA ... ready or not, here we COME!

The Pearl Of the Orient

HONG KONG | Thursday, 18 October 2007 | Views [968] | Comments [5]


We have now been back for one week and still counting! Who would have thought that #1, we get over the jet lag in 3 days...#2 we'd consume SOOOO much MSG, and #3 we'd have yet another 2 wedding banquets. =) I think if the number of wedding banquets we had is any indication of our marriage... we are in it for the long haul!

   Also if all the subtle hints (and NOT SO SUBTLE hints) to getting pregnant was to be realized in a physical sense... I'd be sooo fertile... that Felix and I would just have to share a drink together and I'd be pregnant! If that was the case then we might just have the 'Fungoolanders' hockey team. BTW much to Felix's delight.. today we found out that Hong Kong has ICE/Roller HOCKEY league. He is now sooo regretful that he didn't bring his gear! If anyone wants to send his goalie gear... he'd be in serious heaven. He even said to me... " Honey... I think we can move here now!" Wow... talk about BIG steps.. who woulda thought!

Ok.. some highlights. (Warning: I have a great tendency to ramble.)

1) Did you know... you can get individual lash clusters stuck to your eyelids..??!! To give you a fuller and more dramatic look?  A friend of mine suggested I get it done for Banquet # 1, and despite the time it took to do it... I must say I LOVE the effect! I look like a Kewpie doll! Too bad it only lasts a week!

2) If you ever come to Hong Kong, you must look up my friend Dai Car and Ah B. They are local  tour guides by trade... but they had a day off yesterday and brought us on an Eating Tour all over the New Territories. They told us that on their next day off, they plan to bring us on the Hong Kong Island Eating Tour. Its even broken down by districts! And we ONLY eat the BEST of the BEST! ;) Yesterday we ate Pig Liver and Beef Noodles in Shamshuipo, (which was soooo good!!!) and then we went to Yuen Long for the BEST Fishballs and Cotton Textured Shaved Ice ( Its not like anything we have ever had, and is sooooo incredibly yummy! So different and unique that we think we might want to start a business in T.O. Stay tuned... the store will be called..(ummm) Fluffy White Clouds of Ice! Hahahaha) and then we went to Tai Po for the BEST beef balls... followed by a 10 course meal with Felix's family! I swear .. in the last week... I have NEVER had a chance to even feel HUNGRY!

3) Of course, I can't go through this list without mentioning my fellow Chickenball Laura Lala Matthews... she flew all the way from Korea to spend 5 days with us! I was unfortunately unable to entertain her the entire time... and therefore she succeeded in doubling her baggage by shopping up a storm! This girl is a serious trooper... she tried ducks webbed feet, mango tapioca, (which she gagged on... and said she prefered the ducks feet.) pigeon heads, roasted baby piglet, fish balls.. amongst other things. But guess what her FAVORITE meal was in HK?! Poutine, and a Burger, topped off with a Beer in Lan Kwai Fong. You gotta love her! ;)

Thanks Lala for flying all the way from Korea for our banquet, for teaching my highschool friends on what a chicken ball is, and for treating us to Mexican Food! (Her choice... she is deprieved of a selection of different cuisines in Korea!.)

PS There is NO such thing as a Chickenball in Hong Kong!

4)Wedding Banquet # 3. My friend Jackie managed to work her magic... and made me look like a Chinese Barbie Doll complete with Qwa ensemble. =) She did a phenomenal job... Some highlights was my grandfathers impromptu speech on ... what else...but having babies!!! Felix's Dad's speech was especially touching since he has not seen his siblings in over 7 years... and even though it was short and sweet.. it was very humorous. My Dad.. of course succeeded yet again in being the comedian of the hour! One of his buddies... Pastor Wong had the guts to tell him along with the rest of the guests to "Please just sit down... and STOP talking.." cause if you know my pops.. he loves to talk! =) He also stayed up to 4am the night before to edit a condensed version of the T.O wedding!

Felix and I of course attempted to do our speeches in Chinese... and succeeded in making everyone laugh... and to be truthful... Felix despite his limited vocabulary... still managed to speak more in Cantonese than I did.

Ok... as forwarned... I tend to ramble...so I will stop here! Next week we are off to Guilin, GuangXi and the week after we are going to Yellow Mountain in the Anhui province, as recommended by my fellow globe trotter Lauranna! (Girl... what did you start!)

We miss you guys lots... and wish you were here!

Email us when you get a chance cause we'd love to hear from you!

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I just read your journal entry! I am so happy for you! I am happy to know that your stay in HK is a remarkable and fun- filled one. Ricardo and I are heading to Shanghai tonight and we will be staying for a few days. =) Hope to see you soon! You two make a cute and sweet couple!

  Connie Oct 18, 2007 7:20 PM


Really miss you guys ... finally I read your journal about HK and reviewed your fantastic pictures !

ENJOY and keep writing :))

  Ellen Oct 19, 2007 2:12 AM


Eating tour? What the? Man that sounds good, HK is definitely the place for that, so many places, all tightly packed together, and the food is just sooo good!! You guys make me jealous! Glad you guys are having a great time!! Eat some for me!!

  theo Oct 26, 2007 9:38 PM


Next time I come... I DEFINETELY want the eating tour next time in HK!!

  Laura Nov 7, 2007 5:33 PM


please tell me where exactly the fishball store is!!!!!
my family and i are visiting hong kong next month and good fishball is my favorite!!!!!!

thank you so v much!!!!

best wishes


  Sharon Nov 16, 2007 1:52 AM

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