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Posh Backpackers On Wheels Grace and Marie Therese's Round-the-World Adventure

RTE correspondents in Thailand

THAILAND | Monday, 30 June 2008 | Views [3022] | Comments [5]

Finally the Posh Backpackers were on the road again! Yipppeeeee!!! Arrived in the middle of the night in Bangkok, yet again we were winging it. We had got instructions from 'Noodles' to go stay in Khosan road, we arrived to madness and insanity. The street was full of drunk backpackers ad 'Ladyboys' (as they's soo politely named the Thai transvestites) - AND the two combined - some guys were up for a big surprise in the hotel room. Eventually found somewhere to stay, then went for a stroll thrgough the madness, and to be approached by two young British guys who asked us to come for a drink. 2 minutes inside the bar and the AGE conversation came up... "WHAT?? You're 26??? What made you decide to travel later on in life?" After that they suddenly 'had to be somewhere' and the two old nannys were left sitting on their own and decided it was time for bed... Teenagers really aren't for us!!

Our second day in Bangkok we did some touristy things, went to the Tiger Temples and Floating Markets, and some late night shopping in MBK (Shopping centre). Really enjoyed Bangkok - the food was just delicious and people soo soo friendly. And we loved our Tuk-Tuk adventures around the city. They're all SAME SAME but DIFFERENT!

The day after we got an overnight train - off on our adventure for some chillout time on the islands. First Island was Phi Phi - met 3 English girls - they were 'Sex and The City' ALL the way. Funny at first but high maintenance. Phi Phi was beautiful but very touristic. Went on a boattrip around to Monkey Beach, Maya Bay (where 'The Beach' was filmed), went snorkling and kayaking, what an amazing day!! Watched Thai boxing in the Reggae bar at night, very entertaining! The backpackers treated themselves to a bit of a waxing session and purchased a couple of sexy knickers while they were at it - they were more like NANNY panties to be honest! So away with the Nannies to Ao Nang the next day.

Went for dinner and met Rocket (50 year old redneck Aussie who'd fallen for 'Chicken' a prostitute in Bangkok "Kust because i Paid for her doesn't mean it didn't mean anything"), and a South African hippie couple Caroline and David. We spent the night screaming with laughter. The following day it was time for more adventures. Hired motorbikes (Scooters) and off we went to explore the inland. Rocket on one bike, the two Nannies on the other and Mann - our local tourguide leading the way. What a fab day. Went to the Hot Springs and a Tiger Cave - oh how we love our tigers and monks - raooooorrrrr!!! On our way back we stopped for petrol and MT managed somehow to lock the keys under the seat - we sat on the bike ready to leave, then "Shit the keys!!"... Looked like we'd have to stay the night at the petrol station. But E.T. (aka MT) to the rescue! MT managed to slide her rubber fingers into the box and get the keys. Wooohooo - on the road again. Later we did a bit of shipping, and our bargaining skills had just about improved, we'd managed to bargain our shopping down to 750BHT and were happy with that result. Grace at the back of the shop trying on a dress asked the lady in the shop for the TIME. A couple of minutes later she came back and said "It's 9.40". MT nodded and said thanks, next thing Grace roaring from the back of the shop "920!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thinking we were still bargaining. MT going "Grace, shut up Grace, she's telling us the time..." and the 3 of us erupted with laughter.

Next destination - Ko Samui to prepare for the fullmoon party. By chance we met two English girls at breakfast that we'd met on the train from Bangkok, Lily and Hana. All excited to see eachother again we planned our trip to Ko Pangang together for the fullmoon, and an hour later we were off on the boat. On Ko Pangang we had falaffels for lunch and mojitos for dessert, while the rest of the backpackers were downing their buckets (They sell these buckets with a bottle of vodka,whickey or whatever, and a can of coke, you mix it in the bucket and drink with a straw...). Later in we went down to the beach which was PACKED with young backpackers and dance/trance music blaring from every pub on the beach. The two Nannies lost the others, we were more interested in the amazing fireshows by the locals, and sat for hours watching and slowly sipping our beers. Grace at one point said "MT do you ming if I have a little nap?" And as the transe was pumping around us and amazing fireshow in front, Grace went off to dreamland for half an hour. After her 40 winks she woke up refreshed and the backpackers were full of ideas. We were going to make a documentary about the drunken backpackers and their buckets at the fullmoon party. We told everyone we were from RTE (Irish tv channel). FILM COMING SOON ON YOUTUBE!! STAY TUNED!!!

Our experience of the fullmoon was somewhat different, but we had the most fun and met some really great people! To try to get away from the trance madness and decided to check out the mushroom bar up on the hill. Nice and chilled, but we decided we needed all our concentration for the documentary for RTE so we skipped the magic mushroom shakes. Then found a reggae bar and got chatting to the bartenders, continuing our documentary. All of a sudden the sun was rising and the party calming down. The beach was full of lifeless bodies spread around in deep alcoholic sleep. We walked along the beach with a beer - decided we derserved it after our busy night. Chilling on the beach we witnessed the FUNNIEST fight ever between a bunch of pissed guys who were flying up in the air like ragdolls, throwing punches with jelly arms and us Nannies laughing our asses off sitting comfortably in our seats. Free entertainment!! We'd had a fun night but one fullmoon party is more than enough.

Our last night in Thailand we went to a local buffet restaurant where we cooked everything ourselves, lovely atmosphere, people and jaaaayzuz are we good in the kitchen!! YUMMMMMMMM!!

Stay tuned for more from CAMBODIA!!




Nice to see ye having fun again. Read your comments about going for 6 months!!!!! Talk about it when you get to Ireland!!!!

  Far Jul 1, 2008 2:12 AM


A lot more interesting than The land of OZ.

  Far Jul 1, 2008 2:42 AM


Loved the photos, loved the stories. U go nannies!! :) But Oz was also good :)

  elin Jul 2, 2008 3:13 AM


Hey girlies......Can ye tone it down I'm trying to read this in work without laughing out loud! Brilliant...

Not long now!!

  Mary C Jul 3, 2008 2:29 AM


Missed ur oz antics but thailand is gonna miss yo nannie crew for sure! Can't wait till you hit ankor wat.

  zlekki Jul 12, 2008 12:56 PM

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