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Scrubs in Beijing Fourth year medical student from Houston, traveling to Beijing to study Chinese medicine and Chinese beer


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Thursday: Anzhen & Olympics

CHINA | Thursday, 17 Apr 2008 | Views [710]

Tags: anzhen hospital, beijing olympics, sightseeing

Friday: Xuanwu and Great Wall

CHINA | Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [1751]

This morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, and tried to dress for the Great Wall. I put on jeans, tennis shoes (more "Fumas" from Hongxiao), a t-shirt, and pulled my hair back with a headband and ponytail. Then I put on a warm fleece, because ... Read more >

Tags: great wall, hot pot, karaoke, second week, sightseeing, xuanwu hospital

Tianenmen Square & Forbidden City

CHINA | Saturday, 5 Apr 2008 | Views [1944]

I rose at 0630, awakened my friend, and we headed out. On our way to catch a cab, we stopped at the street vendor, where for RMB 1.50 we had a hot pancake filled with egg, coated with spicy sauce and filled with lettuce. Very tasty. The cab dropped ... Read more >

Tags: first week, forbidden city, sightseeing, tianenmen square

Friday at Temple of Heaven

CHINA | Friday, 4 Apr 2008 | Views [1083]

Friday was a national holiday for tending the graves of the dead, so we went to sightsee as a group instead of going to the hospital. First, Henry walked us down the street aways from our dorm to see a tiny museum. Inside was the carefully preserved ... Read more >

Tags: houhai, pearl market, shopping, sightseeing, temple of heaven

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