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A quest to see the ends of the earth and return home in one piece "Dream like you'll live forever, but like you'll die tomorrow"

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My First Overseas Flight

My First Overseas Flight

I am on a quest.... a quest to see how much of this amazing planet I can see in one lifetime. An insatiable curiosity that I hope sends me to the far corners of the earth and back.

I hail from a small country town in South East Australia, where people are barely even likely to travel let alone see and experience the World! I blame this partly for my intrigue about the world and even more for chance to meet complete strangers. This was further fuelled by my childhood camping trips with my family where we managed to find the most unlikely places and literally just set up a tent. The great outdoors are just amazing and manage to take my breath away almost everyday.

Currently I am studying over 300km from home so that one day my travels need not be determined by the Australian dollar only by my dreams. Dreams of exotic destinations, strange people, remarkable scenery and astonishing experiences fill my head every night.

My dream to see the world began not too long ago when I booked a last minute trip with an overseas backpacker that I had only ever met twice - Only managing to tell my family, friends & work a few days before I had to leave.

My first taste of absolute freedom blew me away!!!!! Whilst I was completely freaked out about not knowing anyone where I was going but my travel buddy, the experience was completely exhilarating. I even decided to try my luck backpacking solo where I found the experience of not knowing where I would be tomorrow or where I wanted to go was mind-blowing. I was hooked!

From here my motto became “dream like you’ll live forever, but as if you’ll die today”

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