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Trip: Iceland and G. Brit- Away Away Away 2010 Summer

There are [3] stories from my trip: Iceland and G. Brit- Away Away Away 2010 Summer

know yourself. trust yourself. and hold on.

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 30 Jul 2010 | Views [722]

The doomsday clock maliciously turned hours into seconds as my final days in Iceland wound to an end. I scampered about, wishing desperately that I could gather up the entire country into one big bear hug and refuse to let go! I had a big plan ... Read more >

Tags: brenevin, edinburgh, emily predny, eyjafjallajokull, glasgow, glencoe, iceland, puffin, reykjavik, scotland

the pay as you go plan.

ICELAND | Monday, 19 Jul 2010 | Views [605]

The tentacles of the city rose up from the ocean and captured me in its depths with a voracious appetite for frustration. As I circled Reykjavik for the first hour of my car rental, I was stalling and starting as I got reacquianted with ye olde stick ... Read more >

Tags: glacier, iceland, jökulsárlón, lake myvatn, landmannalaugar, the circle road, volcano

gettin outta this one horse town!!!

ICELAND | Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 | Views [920]

He looked at me squarely in the eyes, sizing up the spirit inside and making up his mind. I tripped over his name- Floki, chatting inanely about how I trust him completely and we are meant for each other while nervously fussing about checking all ... Read more >

Tags: emily predny, horse riding, iceland, ishestar, kjolur ride, predny, reykjavik