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USA | Sunday, 9 March 2008 | Views [694] | Comments [1]

Well we made it to Lima after many delays.My fellow passengers helped passed the time and are pretty interesting people. We have a big mix, the young student, the retired couples two DCC instructors and then there is me. I float back and forth among the groups I seem to be accepted among them all. We were supposed to catch a few hours sleep in Lima but do to the  airport delays our plane to Chiclayo was only a few hours away so we decided to just wait at the airport. By the time we arrived in Chiclayo at the "Gran Hotel Chiclayo" it was 6am and thank the gods they let us sleep until noon!!!! After all it was very hot 90"s.( The hotel has a pool I think they made a big deal over this fact because its not a common thing around here)

After my nap I opened my balcony door and we have a veiw of the city. ( and the pool) The buildings are low, All made of earthy brick colors. Chiclayo is a pretty busy city. Among the horns of passing cars, you can hear the crows of roosters and dogs barking. What a combination.

We headed to a few museams yesterday, The Cultura Sican and the Lords of Sipan. Both are civilizations which many artifacts were found which give us an understanding of social order of these 2 groups. Both inhabited the dry arid coastal northern Peru area, settling and farming by chaneling canals from rivers to grow their crops. The social order is what grabbed me even during burial to secure  "place" for the rulers and warriors in the afterlife .Specifically the burials. There was alot of of pottery and gold,silver,copper peices. The workmanship was astounding.

Traveling through the counrty side was pretty eye opening. alot of rice paddies. But there were almost no cars but they seem to utilize a motercycle with a covered buggy attached I assume they are for higher. There was mostly dirt roads, dry and dusty. Even though it was dry and dusty you can see green fields with the start of the mountians in the back ground. Spotted throughout the landscape were crooked carob trees and brush here and there. Many abandonded brick buildings too. We pasted a few brick making places scattered in the counrty side. they packed us a box lunch in the cutest wicker baskets! The food was great!

We had dinner at the hotel. Service does not move very fast around here and I dont think any of us got what we ordered but the food was good and cheap.We ate and laughed, I had 2 Pisco Sours  ( a must have while in Peru) I was sleeping by 9:30 pm!

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Glad you arrived and are having a great time. We all love you much and hope you have the time of your life.
Live, learn and enjoy.

  Myke Mar 11, 2008 11:49 AM

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