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Day 1/2: Paris

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 July 2013 | Views [569] | Comments [2]

I finally landed at CDG after 24 hours of traveling and had no problem getting into the city. Got to Gare Du Nord  train station and thats when it really hit me. This train station is massive, it took me 10 minutes to find my way out. I left Gare Du Nord with an idea of where my hostel was, but after 20 minutes of searching could not locate it. I eventually found a map and realised i had been going down the street next to the one i was suppose to, Hostel found! I check in and i'm told the room won't be avaliable until 3 PM, it was currently 8 AM.

I get my bag stowed away and go for a walk, first around the general area and then back to Gare Du Nord where i spent several hours walking around.  At about mid-day i decide now would be a perfect time t sort out my tickets to Amsterdam. I find the ticket line for Eurail passes to find its's 50 meters long. 2 Hours later and i've sorted out my travel stuff. I finally get into my room and meet a couple of nice French-Canadians, the names of whom i can't pronounce, and Shaun, an Aussie from Melbourne.

I get to bed at about 5 PM after being awake something like 45 hours. I wake once at 9 PM to find it's still awfully bright, the sun hasn't gone down yet. Turns out Paris only gets like 7 hours of night time.

At 8 AM the next morning i decided to go for a small walk.I ended up walking from Gare Du Nord to the Louvre, spend 3 hours checking out all the art and stuff, walked from there to the Eifel tower and then across the river to Palais De Chaillot and caught the metro back from there.  Worked it out right now to be about 15 KM's, and that doesn't include the time at the Louvre. needless to say, but my legs and feet don't like me very much right now.

The Louvre is well worth the lines and the huge amount of people to see. Got to take some pictures with my girl Mona Lisa, close enough that  the back of my head can be seen in the hundreads of photo's from those behind me. Those that wanted me to take photos will be happy to know i took about 170 while walking around the Louvre alone.

The Eiffel tower is essentially one long ass line ride. A line to get the tickets, a line to catch the lift, a line to catch another lift.. then more lines to go back down again. The view is really good though and something you'd do just because it's the Eiffel Tower. I'll upload some photo's soon, probably tomorrow.


- Updated with less spelling errors and a picture

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So did you do the eiffel Tower? How long did this prices take!? Yes, long daylight in summer, short in winter, as further away from the equator. I notice it in Melbourne, without going as far as Paris! :) And feet, they is made for walking! Rock on

  Numbnuts Jul 18, 2013 6:26 PM


Yeah, did the Eiffel Tower. the line to get tickets and up to the 2nd level was about 2 hours. The lines going up to the top and back down again were considerably shorter tho.

  Dean Jul 18, 2013 8:31 PM

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