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Dr. Dave's Journal DG takes you along as he shows up in random places around the world.

I can spit on Mt. Everest and you can't. Nyahh, nyahh.

NEPAL | Wednesday, 7 Dec 2011 | Views [939]

 I am sitting in a bar in Kathmandu, Nepal. There are four other people here and a band consisting of four twentysomethings sitting (yes, sitting) in a row on the stage at the other end of the bar. They are playing a mix of well-worn American pop/rock ... Read more >

Tags: kathmandu, lousy cabernet sauvignon, nepal

Day 10 - Ganges River Boat Ride

INDIA | Saturday, 3 Dec 2011 | Views [1177]

I think my numbering of days is all cockeyed at this point - today is definitely day 10. Up at 5:00am and dragged ourselves downstairs and onto the bus before dawn to see the Hindu devotees from all over India who come to Varanasi to bathe in the Ganges.... Read more >

Tags: ganges, hinduism, india, terrific wooden flutes, varanasi

Day 4 - I channel my inner Sebastian Junger

INDIA | Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011 | Views [1184]

Today we get up early to hit the road to the Amer Fort, formerly the home and palace of the maharajah of Jaipur, who built it in the16th century. This is a major tourist attraction, something that is not hard to believe judging by the large number ... Read more >

Tags: amber fort, help the elephants of jaipur, india, jaipur

Day 3 - The Road To Jaipur

USA | Monday, 28 Nov 2011 | Views [620]

Jaipur , the capital of Rajasthan state and known as "The Pink City," is today's destination by motor coach. The endless juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary continues to amaze me. One minute we're stopped at one of the ubiquitous ... Read more >

Tags: eye popping levels of destitution, india, jaipur

I just lost....

INDIA | Sunday, 27 Nov 2011 | Views [527]

....an hour's worth of work trying to post a blog entry here when my web browser crashed suddenly. And now it's 7:00am and I have to shut down so we can go to Jaipur (known as The Pink City) at 9:00. Not happy. Will attempt to reconstruct on the ... Read more >

Tags: crazy web browser crashing at inopportune times, delhi, india

Photos: India/Nepal 2011

INDIA | Friday, 25 Nov 2011 | Photo Gallery

Alicia's and Jim's wedding excursion to the Indian subcontinent
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Bonjour from Paris

FRANCE | Friday, 25 Nov 2011 | Views [510]

Nice flight. Air France knows how to fly. A first: they have a water & snacks bar up front in one of those tiny alcove/passageway things that enable you to cross from one aisle to another. Pour your own Coke, water, mineral water, orange juice...... Read more >

Tags: airport, france, no functioning electrical outlets, paris

Let's Go To India

USA | Thursday, 24 Nov 2011 | Views [915]

Getting to Dulles Airport and proceeding to the gate on Thanksgiving afternoon was a major occasion for......well, giving thanks. Fastest check-in in family history. The photos are where we're at while waiting on Air France to whisk us off on leg #1 ... Read more >

Tags: dulles airport, thanksgiving, vegan snacks

Let the incursion begin

USA | Monday, 25 Apr 2011 | Views [551]

Alaina and I will be joining Moraine on their short east coast "incursion" this weekend starting in New York City on Thursday and moving south through Central New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Alaina's sister Alicia is their electric ... Read more >

Dan The Man

USA | Monday, 10 May 2010 | Views [411]

This is Dan Nichols. He plays acoustic guitar like a madman at Jewish Sabbath services. Every weekend. All over the country. Including Ethan's bar mitzvah on Saturday. He is really something and I recommend you check him out if you're in North Carolina ... Read more >

The Morning After

USA | Monday, 10 May 2010 | Views [552]

Following a massively successful bar mitzvah and party, a group of family and friends trooped down to Larkspur the following morning to walk along the stunning Tennessee Valley Trail, which ends at the Tennessee Beach. The whole experience is very Irish ... Read more >

Photos: West Coast USA 2010

USA | Monday, 10 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

San Francisco and Seattle and environs
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The main gig

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 4 Oct 2009 | Views [935] | Video

There is video that I took of each movement of the trombone concerto performance on Friday, September 25th. Here's a link to the first movement; you can find the other three linked inside that one.

The grand finale

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 4 Oct 2009 | Views [832]

The hotel room was great, the view from my window onto the town square was perfect, but the wi-fi connection was horrible. I ended up having to use a public network out on the square, and even that was occasionally dodgy. I must have looked rather odd ... Read more >

Tags: czech republic, kromeríž

The Venue

CZECH REPUBLIC | Thursday, 24 Sep 2009 | Views [675]

This is the venue for this weekend's concerts - Assembly Hall in the Archbishop's Castle in Kroměříž. Milos Forman used it for scenes from the movie Amadeus . It was also used for the movie Immortal Beloved .

Tags: czech republic, kromeríž

The arrival

USA | Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009 | Views [630]

Dulles Airport seems to have gotten its act together; the interior is actually attractive now and I didn't have to get on one of those ridiculous trams to be carted off out to Mars to get on my plane. This is all more than I can say about Charles de Gaulle ... Read more >

Gallery: Kroměříž

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009 | Photo Gallery

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It's pronounced KROHM-yehr-zheezh

USA | Monday, 21 Sep 2009 | Views [494]

To keep you occupied until I arrive in Kroměříž, check out the official town website , which includes a nifty Town SquareCam so you can spy on the town square 24 hours a day. I'll try to find it so I can wave at you at some point. Every Czech town has ... Read more >

Tags: central europe, czech republic, kromeríž

Friendly? You betcha

USA | Saturday, 15 Nov 2008 | Views [742] | Video

I thought Brazilians were the friendliest people around until I met Hawai'ians. Wow. This whole island is infected with aloha. Here's a video tour of the resort that I put together this morning. Enjoy.

Golf, anyone?

USA | Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008 | Views [500]

We have a lovely room with a cozy little patio off the back. Said patio faces right on the 7th (8th? 9th?, okay, I'm not really sure) fairway of the golf course here at the R-C. One beginner with a bad slice and we'll be hoping that Kapalua has a decent ... Read more >

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