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London to Copenhagen

DENMARK | Thursday, 23 April 2009 | Views [610] | Comments [1]

sex shops, Anna's street

sex shops, Anna's street

(song of the road... Neil Young, Don't let it bring you down, can you believe its taken me some 10 years to aquire the taste for Neil Young? still some things are worth waiting for)

I spent my last bit of london with my old mate claire.

we just hung out in the sunshine in clissold park, it was great just drinking coffee's and basking, avoiding the children at all costs which is difficult in stokey.

Nico cooked me my final BBQ and it was the best of all, then headed to my friend sue's house and chatted till the early hours of the morning, which was stupid coz i had to be up at 4, im such a div sometimes.

Virtually every time i travel i meet someone, mostly coz i make the effort, but sometimes not, but here i made no effort from tiredness, just wanted to sleep all i could.

reluctently got up around 4ish.

Made my way on the 149 in the dark and cold. Bus, plane, train, then ended up in copenhagen station, i wondered around the town and to be honest not much is happening there, was a protest of 3 people flying a gay flag saying free the world, and then i met up with a girl i met last time i was here called Cath.

She came and chatted to me in a cafe first, so how about that! She's cool, played me some punk music and walked me to kristiania.

Now kristiania is a large area in Copenhagen which was taken over basically by squaters some 30 years ago. Its really just left out of everything and they take care of themselves, all very hippy. They even have they're own bin men, and weed is sold in the open everywhere, they have it on tables linned out and cut up, no photo's are allowed inside so i've no pictures sorry.

Cath took me around and into one of the house's which these guy apparently built. It was something from a fairy tale, or Tim Burton movie, all wonkey and twisted and mad yet somehow inviting. We went in to find Cath's mate but he wasn't there, turns out he just got banged up for dealing and this other geezer is proper edgy about strangers coming over, he got funny with us, so we scarpered.

Met an Iraqi guy in the shop, he told me that people are so much happier there now and don't want the troops out, this was very interesting to me, he told me that civil war would be iminant if we do and that he loves the fact he can visit now as he would have been executed before the war. I asked him why he don't move back then, guess he loves Denmark. I must have been in there an hour, i only wanted some batterys and a ribena!

Met up with dear Annarose, that was nice, just sat and chatted a while, talked old times, reminded her about the time i got really drunk, she came over to help me, as she leaned over to talk to me while i was puking i  rolled forward and fell over, headbutting her along the way, she screamed very unplesent things at me. well funny!

By this point i was so tired...



FYI - I live in the NICE part of the sex street, and it's not me on the bike, on my way to Erotic Corner!
Hope the trip to Sweden is going well.

  Anna Rose Apr 28, 2009 6:54 PM

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