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Fremantle, Gateway of the West

Fremantle, Gateway of the West

Australia | Wednesday, 9 January 2013 | 5 photos

I started life as a tear away youth not really good at anything, became a professional martial artist and it took me to South America and Asia, spent 3 years helping foreign students settle into universities in Perth and all while trying for seven years to win the favor of my Japanese wife's family. I did eventually.

I bring attention to these because it highlights three key things about me. I'm extremely hard working and focused, amazingly tolerant and attentive and able to endure not only physical but emotional hardship.

I picked up photography 14 months ago and found a natural affinity for it. It really spoke to me. I spend every waking moment in photography. I spend 90% of this time volunteering. I provide weekly photo essays for the Epoch Times, I'm the photography editor for an independent magazine, I volunteer for two more local publications and local council, I help friends with personal projects and I plan to study photography this year, I'm self taught. I earn very little from it all.

I think I should be chosen because I have a great desire to be involved in human stories and I will not let a single moment, word of advice or challenge go to waste.

My story is my home.

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