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Walking for miles!

ITALY | Thursday, 8 January 2015 | Views [407] | Comments [1]

Well, after not sleeping well last night, you could say that I was less than enthused to have to walk around ALLLL day long. Especially since we had to be to school earlier than normal. But, we did it!


After making it to school in the nick of time, our guest professor give us a mini history lesson and took us to see San Clementine. It was a beautiful church! And it has about 3 other churches/temples below it. Nothing in this city ever disappears; they simply reuse the existing foundation and build up from there. Ancient Rome’s street level was like 20-30 feet lower than the current street level. It blows my mind!


After the tour, a bunch of us walked to find lunch. It is tricky though because of two things: 1.) We don’t want to have a group that is too big or too loud and 2.) we need a restaurant that accepts the meal vouchers we were given. But we did find one and it was delicious!


After lunch, Natalie, Kelly, Anna and I decided to go shopping for a bit. I saw a few cute things, but didn’t buy anything. Nat got a cute dress and sweater. Then, it was time for more walking!

We went on a “The Top Two tops in Rome” tour. We got to go up on top of 2 of the highest look out points in Rome, which both offer incredible views and photo opportunities! It was so fun to see! However, one of them was the exact same place Kaitlyn and Julia took us last weekend, so we saw it for the second time. But it was still just as beautiful! I just wish we wouldn’t have had to walk the whole way.


After walking with the class back to school, Natalie and I headed to a pharmacy to pick up an over the counter medicine that my program director recommended. It dissolves in water and I hope it helps! After stopping for a snack, we took the bus home, and are here for the rest of the evening.


We have laundry in the washer, homework to do, and we will eat with our family tonight. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight and will be ready for class tomorrow and another busy weekend! 

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Sounds like a full day for you. I am sorry your feet are so tired, hopefully they will get better quick. Be sure to get yourself some good souxivners from your trip. You don't want to wish you would have gotten something. Find a few fun things for you. Enjoy the time and treat your self.

I love you so much! Your Mama

  Mary Jo Jan 9, 2015 1:31 PM

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