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Too Much Pizza & Gelato!

ITALY | Wednesday, 7 January 2015 | Views [509] | Comments [1]


Ooofda. I am so pooped!


Last night, we met our class for our cooking class and it was AMAZING! We had to walk about 30 minutes to class, but walking with the whole group makes it go faster.

When we arrived, we washed up, and started working on our meal. We made a typical Italian pasta- carbonara, (eggs and ham) and a traditional Italian dessert- Chocolate Salami (chocolate, walnuts, almonds, cookies). The food was all delicious! We all took turns mixing butter and sugar, cracking eggs, stirring the pasta, etc. Then we dined like kings!


After dinner we spent some time hanging out with the cooks. They were 2 young Italian guys. They had a vintage video game from an arcade so I played Tetris and a few other games with them for a while. They had music playing so we sang and danced. It was so fun!


After all the fun, it was time to head home. So we walked the 30 minutes back to school, waited for our bus for 15 minutes, and took the bus home for 30 minutes.

So much time spent in transit!


Upon arrival at home, we were greeted at the door by ‘Attila’ (the puppy!) and our host family! We were so excited to meet them! They had just gotten home from their home in the mountains. We sat at the table with them while they ate dinner and we had a glass of wine with them. They are all a little shy, but speak English very well. We gave them our gifts and they liked them! It was funny though because the mug we gave them is about 5 times as large as the mugs they use here! So that surprised them!


We headed to bed, late as always, and woke up tired, as always. My cold isn’t going away, but it isn’t getting worse either, at least. We ate breakfast, headed to school, and got ready for class. Our professor was 30 minutes late. So that was interesting. He is such an educated man, but he is just so flaky and so rude. He doesn’t make me feel respected at all as a student. In his mind, his opinion is all that matters and everything else is bull crap. He is just so condescending and is obviously anti any religion. It’s just frustrating. At least the history lesson we covered today was safer because it was more about history than religion itself. That way there was no way for his to roll his eyes or use finger quotations around any words having to do with Christianity. I’m trying to see it as a growing opportunity but I also just don’t really care about this class. I would much rather be seeing things, learning them on my own, and getting to know my classmates instead. Sorry, rant over.


After class, we took a group picture quickly, and then most of us headed out for lunch. I had a salad (Shocking, I know, mom). It was good! It had cheese, apples, pieces of beef, and walnuts with honey for the dressing. After lunch, some people went shopping, and the rest of us went out for gelato.


Following our treat, it was time for our Art History tour. It was really nice to know the significance of all of the beautiful sites we see everyday. The only bummer was that it was sprinkling during the tour and I forgot my umbrella. Oh well. I didn’t melt.


After the tour we had a wine tasting, which ended up being more of a class about wine. We learned how to look at the wine for color, smell the wine, taste the wine, and what meals certain wines go best with. I probably wont remember it after tomorrow but it was neat to learn!


Afterwards, a few of us from the wine tour went to dinner together. We got pizza and gelato. Now, I know that sounds delicious, but I am honestly kind of missing my normal eating habits. It just doesn’t seem like they eat full, well-balanced meals here.


We got home a bit earlier than normal tonight. So I am trying to read, write this blog, and keep on top of things. I am trying to plan a trip to Pompeii for some of us this Sunday. It will be awesome to see but I am just to beat to even start looking at it.

Sometimes being the planner is more of a pain than I would like.


Off to bed soon. We have 2 tours tomorrow, in place of class. Then we will spend the evening at home, doing laundry, and eating dinner with our family. The extra time and extra sleep will be greatly appreciated and needed. 

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Sounds like a very full day. Your family sounds nice and I am sure they will get over being shy once they get to know you girls better. Will they offer you food for meals if you are not eating wih them? Do you need your own laundry soap? You did take a little of that with you. Dad has heard about that video game. I hope you sleep well and continue to take extra vitamins so you feel better soon. Good luck planning your next adventure. And enjoy your tours instead of class. Keep smiling and enjoy your beautiful sights and the city. Is Rome the name of your city? Love you ladies, Your Mama

  Mary Jo Jan 8, 2015 1:28 PM

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