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First week

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 29 January 2012 | Views [565] | Comments [1]

So i've been here for a bit over a week now, and i've done all sorts of things. Started the week off with a walk about the roma st. Parkland, which was literally in the middle of downtown brisbane and as you can see by the shots it was absolutly beautiful.

I spent some time doing logistical stuff, picking up my cell, opening a bank account, etc. I've now pretty well settled in, and am starting to head out and explore. the dowside is that its been raining near everyday since last monday. Suppose thats what i get for coming to the coast in the "wet season".

I'm starting to meet people here as well. First off i met a pair from Britian; Luke & Lucy, then from them i met another girl vicky, then the group of us met another group, and we went for a dip in the public lagoon down by the river for aussie day. Speaking of, Aussie day was the day of drunk people.

It started off at the lagoon with a fellow who was unable to stand and collapsed in the middle of the pathway. There was a half dozen cops around him after few minutes, and it drew a bit of a crowd. On the way back to the hostel we met our next drunk fellow, who decided it was CRUCIAL for him to stop to tie his shoe in the middle of the road during heavy traffic. Amazingly he escaped unscathed and continued to meander and flail his way down through a pedestrian only street. He was with 3 or 4 fellows, who i assume were his friends only by their proximity to him, since they were doing nothing to help or guide this guy around.

Next up we had the accurately named "flying fat guy": we were in King george Square, which again, is a pedestrian only Street. So this fairly rotund chap, starts jogging up the middle of the path, slowly building up speed, once he's at a brisk pace, he sticks his arms out and starts to make a "brrrrr" sound, this continues till he at an outright run and making weird airplane sounds at the top of his lungs. I'm kinda amazed because he ran right by a group of half a dozen or so cops, whio just looked at him and seemed to think "oh that's just crazy bob, he only gets to come out on aussie day so we'll give him a break."

Lastly was a fair bit later in the evening, I was about to call it in for the night, since the night club i had gone to with a group of friends really wasnt my scene. So im in the lobby of the hostel chatting with a couple people when this fellow jumps over the couch and sits down next to us. He immediatly starts talking about how much he likes france and that he bloody well hates the scottish. His conversation dosen't last long before he jumps back up and heads upstairs. I notice about half an hour later he and another equally drunk fellow are being dragged out of the hostel by security. I don't think i'll be staying here again.

Only 3 minutes left on the library computer, so i'll catch ya'll later on.




Hey! There's drunk people in Australia too? That's great!
I had myself a good drink just last Friday night. A 40 ouncer later and I'm pleased to say I sufficiently assassinated every damn brain cell that was used to record the night because I can't remember a bloody thing! That's what they get for sneaking up on me while I was nearly naked.
Seth 1 Brain 0
I like the flying fellow. I'll take a ticket on THAT plane please, first class!

  Seth Feb 1, 2012 9:52 AM

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