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One of the crazy loony dookers

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 3 January 2011 | Views [443] | Comments [2]

One of the crazy loony dookers



Hi, Caitline,
have been thinking of you over the holidays especially with the big freeze on in England and other places. I had to enlarge this photo, wasn't sure if the ALMOST hand on the bum was yours or not!!!! Thank God it wasn't, Hope you are having a wonderful time. It is still raining here and today Rockhampton is totally cut off by the flood waters. They say the amoujnt of flooding is now the same size as NSW or NZ, Eng, and France and Germany combined. Every crop you can imagine is wiped out. We will be in for some very expensive food times over the next couple of months and possibly years so they say before every thing gets back to normal. Have you started at your job yet? Hope all goes well. Remember the motto, If in doubt, DON'T touch it, taste it, smell it or own it if you don't remember ever seeing it before - have clean undies in your bag (ha, ha - you just never know), tooth brush up your sleeve, comb in your hair a few coins and notes in your pocket and. . . . . . . . STAY SAFE!!!!.
Will keep in touch with some pictures if I can work this blog thingy out.
Cheers, Louise D

  Lou D Jan 4, 2011 2:02 PM


I would never Louise, I don't know where its been! hehe. It has been pretty good so far, cold but not too bad. The snow has stopped falling at least! The school term starts today so I should start getting relief work soon, though I have possibly lined up a full time contract for the term, finding out more details today! (fingers crossed... :D) Sounds like the weather is a bit dismal back home, hopefully it dries up a bit so that building may have a chance at being completed! Can I place a bet for June sometime?? ;)
Hope everything is well, Caitlin :)

  Caitlin Jan 4, 2011 10:05 PM

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