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Hamburg is so much better than Amsterdam

GERMANY | Wednesday, 11 July 2007 | Views [441]

Sorry, but I had to say it. Amsterdam was cool. Yes, indeed, Amsterdam was fun. But in the hour I've been in Hamburg I am so much happier and nothing *really* has even happened. Maybe it's that Germany is that much better than Holland? Who knows; I'm just happy to be back (crazy keyboards and all...). Oh, and even though my hostel sucks here too, I at least have my own room. For two whole nights I can go to sleep when I choose and sleep all night without people entering and exiting and turning on lights and talking at full voice because they can. 

So I'm here and I'm off and running. I have 40 hours or so and a full list of places to go from my dear David Paul. Too bad it's raining. Again. Still. Rain. Always and everywhere. It's like the Universe is conspiring to only allow pictures of me on this trip wearing my Yankees hat. And also, I have to wear socks everyday (because I can't wear Chacos in the rain). And I hate socks. My feet feel so claustraphobic when I wear socks this much. 

Whatever. I will deal. Because, everybody, I am going to see the new Harry Potter tonight! Wahoo!!! And I just realized I will be returning to New York Thursday night (the 19th) and the book is released Friday at midnight! Really, it doesn't get much better than this. 

Love love love from soggy Germany. :-)

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