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Why I like bike tours, and other fun stuff from the Netherlands

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 10 July 2007 | Views [343]

1) Bikes are very very common in Europe and regular people (even tourists!) can ride them without fearing for their lives (unlike in New York, where you are just stupid if you are not a messenger or delivery man and yet insist on riding your bike outside of parks).
2) You get to see a little bit of everything major in a city without spending too much time at each location (and you can return, of course, to anything you want to see more in depth on your own).
3) You get to ride a bike! I love riding bikes! It's like being 10 all over again!
4) You also get to meet other backpackers and find out what they have done and where (and steal ideas for places you are headed off to).

In conclusion: I have taken tours in both Munich and Amsterdam now and I really think they are my favorite part of exploring a new city. So if you are going to Europe, find thyself a bike tour!

Also went to the WWII memorial and the Anne Frank house today and the latter was truly amazing. This entire trip is sort of turning into a WWII history thing, but aside from the depressing part, it's been really interesting to see the different perspectives on the war. I never really took a class on that portion of American history and now I'm intrigued... anyone have any book recommendations for a comprehensive history (particularly on the political influences leading up to the war)?

Now I'm back at the hostel for an early night. While I did sleep through the entire night last night for the first time since coming to Europe, I am still very very tired and need to regroup before taking off again in the morning. I also am in desperate need of clean clothes so I figure now is the time to commandeer the bathroom sink and radiators before my dormmates return. Then I'm going to attempt a new packing order in the ginormous backpack and get ready for my morning train to Hamburg. Wahoo!

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