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Yay for free internet!

NETHERLANDS | Monday, 9 July 2007 | Views [340]

Hey everybody... made it to Amsterdam and let me tell you: overnight trains are worse than overnight flights. Seriously, I have never slept so badly in my life... probably because I was in an aisle seat, in the last row of the car nearest the club car (and the only smoking car on the train) so all night I had people going past me, talking really loudly and smelling of smoke and bumping me along the way. And then I get here and it's morning and I have to go about my day, bleary eyed and in desperate need of a shower.

Dropped my bags off at the hostel and found, with much dismay, that is not nearly as nice as the one in Munich. It is far from the train station and not very big and well, kinda sucks for the amount of money it is costing me. The only upside is the free internet access (so I can stop paying 1 € for every 15 minutes)! Yay!

Went to the Van Gogh museum this afternoon and loved it even though it was a bit crowded for a Monday afternoon. I saw a good portion of his paintings at the Neue Gallery on the UES (in NY for those who don't speak acronyms) but it was really nice to see the entire scope of his (all-too-brief) career. Very intriguing progress in his work.

Then hit up the Heinekin brewery for a tour and free samples. Was a bit too kitschy for my tastes (the tour, not the beer of course!) but whatever. Not everything on this trip has to be cultural or historical. Some of it can just be random.

Meeting up with Steve Westdahl tonight for dinner and am improv show and then an early bedtime I fear (unless I can get a second wind soon). Then tomorrow is the Anne Frank House and a bike tour of the city. (Random side fact: there are more bikes than citizens of Amsterdam! Also, if you can make it an entire year without your bike being stolen you are considered very lucky. Now you know!)

Okay, need a shower and a short nap. Sending love from Holland (where it is warm but raining nonetheless... This entire trip is one bad hair day!)

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