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Trip: Seeing Scotland

There are [25] stories from my trip: Seeing Scotland

Touring Aberdeenshire: Discovering Scotland's Wildlife

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 10 Jun 2019 | Views [23]

There are few places in the world that can rival the stunning landscapes of Scotland. These landscapes and surrounding seas are home to a vast array of wildlife from wild hare, to deer to dolphins. Here we will look at some of the best places in the ... Read more >

5 Reasons to Explore Bristol this Summer 2019

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 6 Jun 2019 | Views [28]

In South West England sits Bristol, one of the UK’s most popular destinations for tourists. Not only is Bristol one of the best cities in the UK to visit, it was also voted the best city to live in in 2014 and 2017 by the Sunday Times. If you’... Read more >

Moving Abroad: A Quick Guide to Getting Started

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019 | Views [56]

Whether moving abroad alone or with friends and family, it can be a daunting experience. The lure of more money in work, year-round sunshine or a better way of life, or even all three, have many of us dreaming of a new life in another country. So, what’... Read more >

Tags: apps, technology, travel, travel industry

A Beginners Guide to Aberdeen

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019 | Views [56]

When it comes to tourism in Scotland, a lot of people are looking beyond the usual hotspots of Edinburgh and Glasgow. In the pretty North East, you’ll find the historic city of Aberdeen. While it often feels like Aberdeen is isolated from ... Read more >

Tags: aberdeen, holiday, scotland, travel

Top Tips for Making the Most of Interrailing

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019 | Views [186]

A great way to find adventure on a budget is to go interrailing across Europe. Interrailing allows you to see many countries in one trip, travelling from country to country via train – with just one ticket! If you plan your trip beforehand and ... Read more >

Tags: a guide to travelling, tips for interrailing, travelling across europe

Why You Should Visit Aberdeen this Christmas

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2018 | Views [109]

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland, with a rich cultural and historical significance. The Granite city is an underrated gem with a lot to discover, making it the perfect getaway this Christmas break. Every year the streets of Aberdeen ... Read more >

Tags: aberdeen, christmas in aberdeen, holiday for christmas

Exploring Bristol this Christmas 2018

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018 | Views [111]

Hard to believe, but it’s now only a couple of months until Christmas is with us once again. Bristol, in South West England, is a great city to spend the festive season with everything from the Christmas markets to the Winter Wonderland to help ... Read more >

Tags: christmas 2018, christmas in bristol, visiting bristol at christmas

Organising an Autumn Trip to Perthshire

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 11 Oct 2018 | Views [123]

The UK has so many undiscovered landscapes and places that go unnoticed by those who aren’t looking for them. If you want to take a staycation holiday somewhere in the UK you might not have otherwise considered, why not have a look at Perth and ... Read more >

Tags: kinross, perthshire, scotland, travel

Start-up Business Ideas for in the Tourism Industry

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 17 Sep 2018 | Views [124]

For anyone who lives in an area that is a hotbed of tourism, you can easily see the appeal of getting involved with the opportunities that come with tourism. Some areas have been popular with tourists for decades, if not centuries, like Paris , whereas ... Read more >

Tags: business, money, tourism

6 Fun Ways to Stay Fit When Visiting Glasgow

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 13 Sep 2018 | Views [119]

Most of us would like to be fitter and add a little more exercise into our daily routines. However, it can be hard to find the motivation and get into the habit of eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis. The good news is that there are many ... Read more >

Tags: fitness, fun ways to stay fit in glasgow, glasgow, workout

A Mini Guide to a Weekend in Birmingham

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 7 Sep 2018 | Views [109]

Birmingham, the second biggest city in the UK by population, is a city bursting with culture. Birmingham is an incredibly diverse city with something to offer everyone, from great food to great architecture; with so much to offer, it can be hard to know ... Read more >

Tags: a mini guide to birmingham, birmingham, travel guide

Brexit Tips for Tourists

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 12 May 2018 | Views [238]

  The UK is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Thanks to the combination of history, culture and stunning scenery, people flock from across the globe to see what it’s like to live here. London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, ... Read more >

Tags: bexit, tourists, uk

Money Saving Hacks For Travelling

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 | Views [344]

It’s great to travel, or, so I think so. But I’d like to believe that most people have a little wanderlust in them. Experiencing amazing and famous sights, immersing yourself in other cultures – it’s great! And you can always ... Read more >

Tags: hacks, money, travel

Mountain Biking in Scotland

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 | Views [220]

I’ve always been fond of bikes but have been quite conservative in how I enjoyed them. I was never one to cycle on the main road when I was younger, instead, taking my bicycle to national parks or around my street. This all changed when Glasgow ... Read more >

Rewilding Scotland: Future Toursim Attraction?

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 8 Mar 2018 | Views [234] | Video

Paul Lister, heir to the MFI fortune, is spearheading a campaign to rewild parts of Great Britain. He hopes to increase footfall in the Scottish Highlands area, with nature tourism as the biggest attraction. If his plans were to go ahead, he would ... Read more >

A Festival Guide to Edinburgh

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 8 Feb 2018 | Views [262]

A Festival Guide to Edinburgh   Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital city and home to the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival , which takes place annually in August and is the world’s largest arts festival. I often take a jaunt ... Read more >

Tags: edinburgh, edinburgh fringe

Switching Off: The Digital Detox

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 5 Oct 2017 | Views [308]

How often do you check your phone? Your social media? News websites? Do you sometimes feel you rely too much on digital technology? I certainly do, and I’ve started to wonder what effect that has on my happiness. So I had a look into a recent trend ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation, stress-free

A Classy Weekend Away – The Do’s And Don’ts

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 4 Oct 2017 | Views [359]

As a younger man, my weekend’s away were always about how much time I could spend drinking with my friends. It’s certainly part of British culture to just be as drunk as possible whenever you’re off work, or travelling, or for some, ... Read more >

Tags: london, weekends away

A Quick Guide to a Weekend’s Break in Glasgow

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 | Views [638]

A Quick Guide for a Weekend’s Break in Glasgow Whether you’re visiting Glasgow for some serious shopping, a stopover to the highlands or an enjoyable weekend getaway, the charming city is not short of things to do and see for the perfect ... Read more >

Tags: city, glasgow, shopping

A Long Weekend in Aberdeen

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 16 May 2017 | Views [1130]

For anyone who reads my journals, you’ll know that while I absolutely love getting away and exploring different places, I can get equally excited by discovering my own country – Scotland. And that’s exactly what I’ve done again, ... Read more >

Tags: aberdeen

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