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Gallery: Instituto Intercultural y mis amigos

Sunday, 25 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

Spanish school in Mendoza and mates
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Last thoughts and highlights

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007 | Views [903] | Comments [1]

I´ve been home for a couple of weeks now, trying to get it together and get back to work, while completely distracted by great memories.  I am cold.  And for the first week back, I kept waking up confused because I couldn't figure out where I was.  ... Read more >

Tags: Travel Tips

Too cold to come home!

Thursday, 1 Feb 2007 | Views [809] | Comments [2]

It´s a bit discouraging to see that Vancouver is still stuck at 3 degrees, and Sunday in Toronto will be between -10 and -14.  Brrrrrr.  I am now in Rosario, on yet another sunny warm day - about 30 or so.  Very pleasant, livable city of about 1 or ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

The clock ticks loudly!

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Views [713] | Comments [1]

Monday.  About 8:00 PM.  3:00 PM Vancouver time (where I see it is 3 degrees...ouch!)  That means that a week from now I´ll be well into the routine of being home, returning a few messages, arranging for some work, etc.  I leave Buenos Aires Saturday, ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Butterflies, Brasil, y Cataratas

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Views [1322] | Comments [1]

Cataratas...Spanish for waterfalls.  The Iguazú falls really are amazing, and the travel guides are correct...see the Argentina side one day and the Brazil side another day, as they are completely different experiences.  Both are magnificent, though.... Read more >

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Saturday,,,gotta be Iguazú

Sunday, 28 Jan 2007 | Views [828] | Comments [2]

And after a long bus ride, yet another amazing place.  I´m starting to sense a pattern here...every time I think OK, this is enough, it can´t possibly get any better, sure as hell it does.  Starting with a minor irritation, though, AndesMar, the long ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Camping at the YPF!

Friday, 26 Jan 2007 | Views [916] | Comments [1]

Well not really, but close.  On the way back from Cachi (truly an amazing journey, in and of itself), about 30 kms from Salta, some rain earlier in the day replaced the road with 3 metres of river.  The semi trailer truck stuck in the middle of it didn´t ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Not a good day for a drug test!

Friday, 26 Jan 2007 | Views [1219] | Comments [2]

I´ve been sucking on coca leaves for the past two days.  Illegal apparently, which makes all the store signs indicating Coca for sale, along with a helpful leaf to distinguish it from Coca Cola, somewhat confusing.  But I´ve not hit bottom, and I´m ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Week 4: Mendoza to Salta

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | Views [5907] | Comments [1]

Wow.  So I am now into week 4.  Never really thought about it that way until I wrote it.  Hmmmm.  In any case...16.5 hours by AndesMar ´cama´bus delivered me from Mendoza to Salta, at about 25% of the cost that I spent to fly from BsAs to Mendoza.  ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Last thoughts on Mendoza

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | Views [771]

The last night in Mendoza, I was fairly determined to stay out late like the locals.  While most of my classmates had taken off for their next adventures, about 10 of us still at the Institute had asked the staff there if we could have a little bbq Friday ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

El fin de semana pasada (2)

Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [865] | Comments [1]

Funny...I´m just writing a little wrap up on Mendoza, and realized I completely forgot to write about the tours last weekend! Saturday was a tour into the mountains to the border with Chile and back, and was amazing. We left Mendoza early (I was picked ... Read more >

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Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [1026] | Comments [1]

Congratulations to Megan, Jaron, and Donovan, who have become a family. I knew there was big news coming out of Toronto, but holy smokes! And in our family, I can´t believe it stayed a secret!  (Chris, I would never think for a second you would blab!.... Read more >

Tags: Family

Halfway home and Bob the pen

Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Views [645] | Comments [1]

Ok, so first let´s not interpret the phrase ´halfway home´as an expression of being homesick. The fact is, I´ve been on the road for 2.5 weeks, I have a total of 5 weeks, so a little simple math says I am now at the halfway point. I was a little ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Day 1: Buenos Aires

Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007 | Views [584]

I wonder if "WOW" could adequately sum things up?  BsAs (local lingo) is built for walkers - green space and parks everywhere, and spectacular architecture. Like Paris, I guess, as that is always the comparison, but since I've never been to ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Nap time, finally!

Monday, 1 Jan 2007 | Views [771] | Comments [1]

After 24 hours pretty much bang on, door to door, I've arrived at a very nice studio apartment that will be home for the week in Buenos Aires.  Vancouver...Toronto...Santiago...Buenos Aires.  All business class with Air Canada, so very civilized.  G ... Read more >

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