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Takahagi Beach Funtimes

JAPAN | Monday, 23 July 2007 | Views [1121] | Comments [1]

So now ive moved on up the coast, to Takahagi. I didnt know what to expect ata all, but I think ive struck some good luck :)  The apartment that Im sharing with the other 4 lifeguards is right on the beach, about 20 min walk from our patrolling area. Not bad ay :)

The novel thing on this beach is the man-made concrete breakwaters every so far along the beach, 60m or so from shore.  I guess theyre meant to protect the beach from erosion, or maybe rogue tsunamis?? Dunno if they'd do much to stop a tsunami really, but im not that anxious to find out!!  They do make the occasional good surf break tho :)  So we've been out on the rescue boards every day, doing some 'training'.  Theres no surfboards here for me to borrow tho.
We also got the jetski out for more training a couple of days ago. Its been a little while since i was on one, but its pretty easy :)  and fun too :)

The 2 young guys working with us both got to do rescues too, so they were pretty happy! None for me yet tho.... ive got my fingers crossed.... ;)

The beach has a nasty shorebreak along most of the length too - bit scary for the kiddies, but fun for me - sprint down the slope & fly through the air, just over the crest of the waves.  Feel a bit like superman, for half a second! ;)

I experienced one of the standard occurences for foreigners in Japan on the weekend - being mobbed by school kids.  They were a friendly bunch of 10 year old boys who'd just been swimming while i was down by the waters edge.  I think they knew almost as much english as i do japanese!! My bilingual dictionary has certainly been getting a good workout during the quiet times, so my vocab is slowly growing... :)

ahhhhhh, i love this endless summer game :)

(theres a couple more photos online from here now too)

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Hey Brent
How far are you from Tokyo - Can you send me an email.


  Sarah Amoore Jul 31, 2007 8:00 AM



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