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More Time than Money


IRAN | Friday, 10 Feb 2006 | Views [1551]

Been here in Esfahan for 5 days now and will have to stay probabaly another two, everything is closed here for the past 3 days due to the mourning of the death of Imam Hossein .... it was a job even to find somewhere where we could buy food, one night ... Read more >

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IRAN | Saturday, 4 Feb 2006 | Views [1659]

Hi all, In Kashan at the moment, a small city half way between Tehran and Esfahan. In the meantime have had lots of fun and frivolity in Tehran and Shemshak, a ski resort just north of Thran on the Alborz mountains. But first of all Tehran .... probably ... Read more >

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IRAN | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Views [1521] | Comments [1]

Hey all    It seems that the internet connection or Mr Iranian Govt censor didnt take to my online journal to kindly so back to emailing it is! Been in Tehran since yesterday, it looms like that the crappy weather has followed me from Istanbul to a degree, ... Read more >

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Turkey and a bit of Bulgaria

TURKEY | Monday, 23 Jan 2006 | Views [630] | Comments [1]

n Istanbul at the moment, which is defiontiely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to ... when its not snowing and the wind is making the snow fall sideways! But when I did have the luck to have a fine day here, everywhere you look is a ... Read more >

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BULGARIA | Friday, 20 Jan 2006 | Views [525]

Well, Ive started on the long road back and find myself in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were a few amusing incidents on the flight here to Sofia, but that was somewhat to be expected if you take a budget airline that gets you to Bulgaria for no more than ... Read more >

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English Pubs

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 16 Jan 2006 | Views [520]

Well, in Bristol (again!) to see off my friend who just came back from China. Its only couple of days before i'll be in Bulgaria, about a weeks time in Turkey and 2 weeks time in Iran, but there is a little rumour going round that the Turkey-Iran ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

An interesting thought

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 13 Jan 2006 | Views [469]

Decided to take a break from the usual travel-telling rigmarole and have a random blurt about things that i have come across during my loop to looping of Britian. Scotland, that big bit of land north of England. In 1651 (if this is the wrong feel free ... Read more >

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Crystal Palace and Cambridge

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 8 Jan 2006 | Views [498]

Well, after being sufficiently well-recovered to take the flight back to Long Melford via Stanstead on the 4th I then had a few relativel quiet days at grandad's. Went to an FA Cup match with a friend yesterday between the might and power of Crystal ... Read more >

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Edinburgers and Scotland

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 3 Jan 2006 | Views [466]

I'm really glad now that I made the trek (OK, it was all of an one hour flight but at least let me make it sound a bit arduous!) up here to Scotland. I spent New Year's Eve (or the somewhat cryptic Hogmanay's as its called up here, it was only the other ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

Sunny Glasgow

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 28 Dec 2005 | Views [793] | Comments [1]

Well, done a few tours of England since updating this thing and now find myself here in Scotland where (at this time of year) the sun don't shine! Bristol is a truly marvellous place, where the most busy bus route is not necessarily during peak hours, ... Read more >

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UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 15 Dec 2005 | Views [410]

Arrived in Bristol-aye the other day from London to catch up with a friend I met during the days of wallowing in Qingdao beer in China. Getting here was a bit of a task, the bus was "delayed" by one hour, but by judging from the departure ... Read more >

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UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2005 | Views [426]

Hi all, Hopefully I can defy my techonological ineptness and figure out how to put something on here! Anyway, I arrived here in London a couple of days ago courtesy of Gulf Air. The flight went fairly smoothly, managed to catch up with plenty sleep ... Read more >

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