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Last night in my apartment

CHINA | Tuesday, 1 July 2008 | Views [919]

Today, my last day in my apartment, I woke up after noon.  I almost immediately started cleaning.  

I picked up my carpets and swept.  I washed some dishes and started the process of cleaning out my fridge.  I threw away a lot of stuff.  I gave my left over oil and sauces to Kiri.  I washed clothes. 

I only have a few more things to do (including more cleaning) before I'm ready to check out. 

My last night in this area of town, I decided to go to my new favorite Chinese restaurant.  I found this place and started frequenting it because my old favorite, like many things in Beijing, underwent a rennovation for the Olympics.  When it reopened, it was more expensive and less delicious.  I stopped going.

The new place knows me like the old place did.  They deal with my lack of Chinese with a smile.  They remember things I've ordered so that I can order them again.  I usually stick to a few basics that I know how to pronounce or know the number of on the menu.

Tonight, I decided I wanted something new.  The person at the table next to me had a dish that looked delicious.  I asked, and he pointed it out on the picture-less menu.

I ordered it.

I thought it was strips of beef with bamboo shoots and cucumbers.  Turns out it was strips of liver with some vegetable I'm not familiar with and cucumbers.  I wasn't really in the mood for a liver dinner tonight, so I ate the rice and cucumbers and called it a night. 

I stopped on the way home at a bakery because I wanted to treat myself to something sweet after the interesting adventure at dinner.  I got the Chinese version of black forest cake and enjoyed it thoroughly. 

With my DVDs safely mailed back to the States, I'm down to watching videos I have on my computer.  So that's what I have planned for my last night.  A bottle of water, several downloaded videos care of a couch surfer, and a little more cleaning and packing. 

Should be a good one.



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