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CHINA | Monday, 28 January 2008 | Views [710] | Comments [2]

The first article I ever wrote for publication was about vitamins. It appeared in a special section of The Daily Reveille when I was a junior in college.

The gist of the article was that most vitamins are worthless because of their composition. And also, most Americans don't need to take vitamins so you just end up excreting it. The evidence was port-a-potties and airplane toilets. Some workers started noticing a surplus of whole vitamin tablets when they were cleaning them.

When my mom visited recently, I asked her to bring me some vitamins because I felt that I wasn't eating a well balanced diet. I just felt like I could use some supplements. And she brought them. A huge bottle of multi-vitamins and then some B-complex metabolism things.

I've been taking them. I've been espcecially sure to take them lately because I got a little cold in Da Tong and I want to be completely healed when I set out for Harbin (which will be even colder) at the end of this week.

Yesterday, Mario, Ilan, and I had a really late lunch. As a result, I didn't really want to eat dinner. On top of it, I didn't have anything to eat (trying not to buy groceries when I'm going to be gone for a month) and it was much too cold to go outside. And I didn't even get hungry until about 10:30pm. So I just didn't eat. But I did remember to take my multi-vitamin and a cold pill.

Big mistake.

I stayed up reading with a rumbling stomach until about 2am. It was about this time that I couldn't take it any longer. I ended up throwing up the two cookies I had eaten and dry heaving for a little while. Then at about 5:30am, the same thing happened. The rest of those cookies and more dry heaving.

I still haven't really recovered from it. I ate a chicken salad sandwich that I made very blandly. But my stomach is still not right. And I'm really scared to take another vitamin until I feel hungry again.

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If you had a bad response from a particular name brand vitamin, you can visit nutritionaltree.com which collects user reviews of major health products and post your experience over there.

  Garrett Feb 1, 2008 7:50 AM



If your remember, when I left China, I was sick "in my respiratory system." When I got home I began taking mucinex, which I was instructed to take when I saw the doctor in December. I finally ended up seeing ANOTHER doctor because my sinus infection came back. He gave me a shot and some antibiotics.

So, on Monday, January 28, I left my 9 am class to throw up in the bathroom at Delgado. It was the first time I'd used the bathroom there. Then, I went back to class, packed my bags and left. I threw up because of the antibiotics I was taking. I had eaten bright pink and purple Trix Yogurt for breakfast...

So, we're a world away, and we're sick together.

  Lauren Feb 4, 2008 7:20 AM

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