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The little things

USA | Friday, 24 August 2012 | Views [601]

During my travels in New York City i visited a little souvenir shop tucked away in a corner of a hotel in the early hours of the morning. After spending a considerable amount of time in the shop i decided i would at least purchase a postcard to send home to my father. I choose one out and as i was digging through my bag for spare change to cover the measly $0.50 cost i dropped a penny just as a Fedex man walked into the shop with a package. Without retrieving my lost change i paid the cashier and was ready to be on my way when i was stopped by the Fedex man.

"You dropped a penny." He told me. I shrugged my shoulders as if i could not be bothered for such a small amount of change when he says to me, "He man it's money, don't say that it isn't cuz it is." 

I hesitated for a second then bent down to retrieve my lost change and drop it into my bag. After heading out to the streets of Time Square i could not help but to think to myself, here i was in one of the worlds most renowned city's doing what i wish whenever i pleased and it takes a simple hardworking man in the middle of his job to remind me that the little things matter. Well to him i tip my hat, and to all those like him. 

We humans are always in such a hurry to complete the next task on our list that we often make mistakes. Things like forgetting to enjoy the small things in life. Stop right now and Think about what you are doing, you are lucky enough to be sitting some where with some device that allows you to read this article. What portion of the worlds population do you think lacks the necessary means to do the same? 

So stop and smile because you have much to be thank full for!

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