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embracing entropy

Why? Part II

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 18 Nov 2006 | Views [591] | Comments [1]

umbrellas used as protection from sunlight squat toilets rice and noodles roti canai boiled drinking water strangeness everywhere strong curry familiarity in foreign eyes tv with no english channels lady boys orangutans in the wild monorail garbage, ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Instructions for Eating, Sleeping And Pooping

MALAYSIA | Friday, 17 Nov 2006 | Views [2237] | Comments [3]

(in a Malay Muslim Homestay) Bathing gather clean clothes in a dry bag bring soap and toiletries in separate dry bag enter bathing area fully clothed disrobe fill plastic wash basin 3/4 full with water (cold) apply small amount of soap to skin rub ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Paradise... found?

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006 | Views [850]

I'm not a beach bum - nor could I ever be, but there is something spectacular about the sound of waves lapping at a sandy beach. I imagine this is how some people imagine paradise. A clear sky. Full moon.  Calm water. Sandy beach. Coconut trees rusting ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

The Descent

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 9 Nov 2006 | Views [621] | Comments [2]

Altitude All there is is dizzying nauseating need for it to all be over no thought no word no dream brings peace but empty and over still and still and still need heaves and heaves and heaves and knowing there is an end brings no end ALWAYS ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

How Death Cab For Cutie Saved My Life

MALAYSIA | Monday, 6 Nov 2006 | Views [749]

I'm generally not a fan of extremely strenuous physical activity - especially activity requiring endurance.  I prefer my exercise in short fits and bursts - like dancing, or jogging around my apartment during commercial breaks on Desperate Housewives.... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

You're fat too?

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 29 Oct 2006 | Views [1569]

One of my favorite things to do while backpacking is hit a local supermarket or drug store to check out the dizzying array of local products.  A -=great=- way to explore the local culture, and it usually is quite entertaining as well. Now, as many ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

KL: A Day in Four Acts

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 28 Oct 2006 | Views [1161] | Comments [3]

Cast (in order of appearance) Backpacker - Traveller in a foreign land Free Shuttle Driver - Malaysian man of Indian descent Smiling Man - Malaysian man of Malay descent Planetarium - an inanimate structure housing Malaysia's National Space Administration.... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Why? Part I

MALAYSIA | Friday, 27 Oct 2006 | Views [867] | Comments [5]

Inevitably in my travels, there comes a time when I ask Why. Usually more than "a" time, several times infact, and I notice these times as I ease through them as if I’m passing through Kübler-Ross's five stages. The first time ( so sooory ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Gallery: Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 26 Oct 2006 | Photo Gallery

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pittsburgh is pretty

USA | Thursday, 28 Sep 2006 | Views [589] | Comments [1]

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? I wasn't thrilled to hear that I would be travelling to "that other city in Pennsylvania" for a week long training session.  Sure, the 45 minute direct flight was nice (my regular commute is around 12 hours ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

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