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Taste-test After thinking about it for quite some time, I am finally "stepping into the void". Starting in April, I will be departing my everyday life and going into explore mode for a year. For now, I am planning to be in Eastern Europe for the summer '07, and southeast Asia for the winter of '08. But, of course, things could change. Please bookmark this site and join me in my adventure.


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Adventures of a Gringo

SPAIN | Friday, 25 Jan 2008 | Views [755] | Comments [2]

Well one interesting thing is that I´m now a university student again. I just signed up at the University of Zaragoza to take a month long class that studies the scripts of some classic movies. I think they are all from the same writer, but I ... Read more >

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A Chinese Christmas

LUXEMBOURG | Monday, 24 Dec 2007 | Views [719] | Comments [3]

It is really strange to be so out of reach this Christmas. If I think about it though, when I started my gap-year, I had thought I would actually be in Vietnam at this time. I had read stories in my gap-year guide book about how travelers had spent ... Read more >

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Coasting Ahead

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007 | Views [960] | Comments [2]

***************** Pictures are at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/aaronray/collections/72157600190609970/ It seems that my blog is slipping in priority, but I will try not to let it go to far. To make it a bit more interesting I'm going to just sort ... Read more >

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Catching Up

ROMANIA | Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007 | Views [840]

**********Update : Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/aaronray/collections/72157600190609970/  to see the latest photos  ***************************** I know... it has been way too long since my last blog entry.  Partly due to unforseen circumstances ... Read more >

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Time Out

ROMANIA | Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 | Views [854] | Comments [3]

Just when you start to get too wrapped up in your own existance, life throws a bucket of cold water over your head.  As most of my family knows, two of my grandparents passed away this last week.  I thought I could use this forum to write about my favorite ... Read more >

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Finally the Beer is Cheap!

BULGARIA | Sunday, 22 Jul 2007 | Views [1859] | Comments [2]

I’ve been moving around so much I kind of feel like I don’t have any focused thoughts to talk about, but overall very positive since coming to Bulgaria. I’ve seen a lot of western Bulgaria already, mostly mountainous and quite beautiful. It actually ... Read more >

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Looking Ahead

GREECE | Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 | Views [1160] | Comments [3]

The first chapter of my gap year comes to a close in a few days.   I’ve got my ferry ticket to Thessolaniki for Monday, and I’m coming to terms with the prospect of being chained to my huge backpack again.   I’m very excited for the next leg in eastern ... Read more >

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Coffee breaks over??

GREECE | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007 | Views [842] | Comments [7]

Since I haven’t been out and about traveling around, I don’t have any harrowing adventures to talk about, but nonetheless, my experiences here in Skiathos have been meaningful. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on the island for just over a month… ... Read more >

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A Fold in Time

GREECE | Friday, 1 Jun 2007 | Views [833] | Comments [3]

I think I’m actually getting a sense of what its like to live on the island now. Or perhaps a better way to put it is that I have successfully achieved not feeling like a tourist anymore. Whatever it is, its quite a nice feeling. I keep seeing people ... Read more >

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Back to Plan Alpha

GREECE | Tuesday, 15 May 2007 | Views [792] | Comments [4]

I’ve rarely come into circumstances where I actually wished there were more constraints to deal with. I spent the following week in Barcelona going through mental gymnastics trying to figure out if I really wanted to change my game plan and stay in Spain… ... Read more >

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¿Donde esta el banyo?

SPAIN | Tuesday, 1 May 2007 | Views [2081] | Comments [7]

****NEW PHOTOS FOR HARROGATE AND BARCELONA***** Hola mis amigos! Para el primero vez, yo estoy hablando espanol. Yo tene´ muchas anos de español en escuela secundaria y en collegio, pero no he tenido un opertunidad de utilizarla. Estoy muy optimista ... Read more >

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Architecture by Wal-Mart

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 20 Apr 2007 | Views [1220] | Comments [14]

So I got my ears pierced.  I contemplated blaming it on my cousin Jill saying she got me super drunk and dragged me in to the tattoo/peircings place, but the reality is I had been secretly planning to do it once I was on my trip.  It’s interesting…. I ... Read more >

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Trials of Being Homeless

IRELAND | Saturday, 14 Apr 2007 | Views [1006] | Comments [5]

So I’m finally in Dublin after what seemed like a planes, trains, and automobiles re-run. I’m amazed how often you have to remind the airlines that you’re still alive and still intend on getting to your destination. Besides the airline shenanigans, ... Read more >

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