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Taste-test After thinking about it for quite some time, I am finally "stepping into the void". Starting in April, I will be departing my everyday life and going into explore mode for a year. For now, I am planning to be in Eastern Europe for the summer '07, and southeast Asia for the winter of '08. But, of course, things could change. Please bookmark this site and join me in my adventure.

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More gin and tonic anyone??

More gin and tonic anyone??

The adventure for which I'm about to embark, is a milestone in my life. Though I'm fairly happy with my life and career right now, I am anxious to see what life is like when not tied down to my day to day routine, and to the progression of my professional life. I want to give my mind and body an opportunity to depart from this, and re-evaluate what I'm doing and where I want to go.

I do not view this as a crisis by any stretch. In some ways I view it as a ground-up review of my life's "business plan" and I am hoping along the way I will figure out what really makes me tick.

In a big way, I am also rewarding myself for the hard work that I've done in my life up to this point, and also want to ensure I "cash in" on life while I still have a little piss and vinegar left. While paying attention to self discovery, I am going to have a bitchin' time, and persue friendships, adventure, networks, and life experiences wherever I may find them. I will be living on a shoe-string. I'm very excited.

For those a bit curious about my life's history, here's a rough sketch :

Being 32 years old, I've probably covered more ground than the average person. By ground I'm basically referring to it literally in that I've moved around a lot and changed careers. My life started in Roseburg Oregon where most of my childhood memories are from our farmhouse by our cherry orchards and the Umpqua River. Many of shinanigans to list there, but I believe it was in that setting that I learned how to be independent, and also how to find adventure through exploration.

Junior High and High School I would characterize as fairly unremarkable in value or meaning in the sense that it feels like a pretty forgettable time. Lots of insecurity and I feel that my personality regressed through that time. I think a lot of people feel this way so I don’t consider that a unique life experience. My college life at the Air Force Academy feels a bit like an extension of my high school life in that it was also repressive, but it was more repressive in its policies. I do credit it for helping know that I can tackle tough challenges and push my limits. I also had some funny memories with roommates and experienced some really cool stuff like gliding and parachuting.

My five year stint in the active Air Force was the first time I got to live on my own and taste independence. My experiences were worthwhile, but perhaps un-focused. I kept having visions of grandeur of taking the business world by storm and leading corporations to great fortune, and at one point started my own real estate company with some friends -- Alacrium. I still like the name.

I couldn’t have been happier to finally cut the military strings completely at the end of the 5 years and truly go my own direction. Moving to Portland feels like coming home, and I feel that my persona has truly “settled” and is nurtured here. I think Aaron would also agree with this. I love my career as a Civil Engineer in the private sector as I feel my expertise is useful and I have used it successfully.

Having family close by has also been great for me. Of course, however; there has always been a sort of existential anxiety of mine that I serve. I think it drives me to always have a next "project" in the works, and to always have my eye on that red delicious fruit on the top branch.

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