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Wisdom? I will make you good price!

INDIA | Monday, 15 September 2008 | Views [736]

Granted, the headline is a little misleading. Like I will sell siome wisdom...haha! But, today is my last day here, and the previous two muonths might have made me just a millimeter wiser (do you know they measure that in millimeters?)

So here is what comes to my mind when I think of wisdom (street-wisdom is allowed) here in India:

You don't need a high strung job to be happy. Kites do fly over Delhi. The joy that comes with bathing in the sea has bno nationality. Yoga really works for me. Mountains are strong. Patience and forgiveness are key to a happy society. People in the north (all over the world) get less diverse food that in the south, where fruit and vegetable are abundant - yest they still are strong and healthy! Travelers are everywhere. A sincere (not fake, like so mayt tourists!) smile goes a long way.

Oh, and languages ARE a very nice assett for understanding!!:)

Okay, so what did I do....Got up and went to yoga class. I tell you this much: When you stand on your yoga matt next to the beach, framed by palm trees and some rocks - you don't need much fancy breathing techniques to relax.

But I wanted to learn them anyway, since I was not planning on staying here for ever...Raja is a good teacher, and when he does a course one on one, I feel like he really oays attention to if I am doing it right or not. The little shells got onto the matt, attached themselves to my skin and to my clothes. Looks like flowers:)

We really did some strenuous stuff ("just for warm-up") so I was hungry afterwards. I payed him 100 (his rate for 75 min) but discovered later that he must have done much longer. I will go back there to give something to his child...some present or so. He's really nice. And without tourists, it seems like he has no buissness.

We went and had breakfast in one of those small huts ("we" being the finnish guy and me, and we picked up two germans on the way. they seem to be pouring in now...). Omelette sandwich. but it was not enough for me. So I went and bought a watermelon and a pineapple at my favorite fruit store. And some coconut oil. Man, that stuff is GREAT!. And it upposedly helps almost anything:)

After that pretty much beach, small dips and talking to my new friends. Oh, I did promise to give all my shampoo and stuff to ?Nisha, the Rajastani woman who sells Jewleri and who is pregnant with her second child. She is 22, and very unhappy that she will be unable to do much in at least 3 out of 6 months of the tourist season...since that is the time she is expecting her child. Also, she is really happy about her son being really white skinned...this whole thing is just really odd...we all lie in the sun to get tanned and everyone here wants to be as white as possible. Apparently, even her husband tells her, her skin is ugly/ dark.

For lunch I just has a REALLY good sprout salad, the same I had yesterday. Man those things have to be good. You feel mother nature with every bite you take. Oh, and papaya-coconut-lime juice, fresh of course:)

MJAM! how can I go back with ALL THOSE PAPAYAS UN-EATEN!

Oh, and something I discovered about me: I like the unknown. I like to go and find out, no plan, just go, and it will work out if you are flexible enough. (either in time or in outcome). I like that.

Good talking to you guys. Hey, you know what? maybe I will keep this blog. There SHOULD be at least SOME interesting stuff going on in bmy future life! I will email you when to check;) Thanks for all your comments andemails, I love them. See some of you in Germany, and the rest in the US, maybe?

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