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I belong to you

INDIA | Thursday, 14 August 2008 | Views [585]

:) don't worry, not to YOU!;)

That is a greeting form, that they did in the yoga class. So my class ended today. I learned very few new postures but mostly breathing techniques and how to relax. And as everybody knows, that is one of the most wanted and needed abilities these days. What made the course totally wirth it for me was the chance to get to know everyday people from here, inspiring and open, each with an interesting lifestory.

So my room has a rat/mouse. I am not sure, which. I talked to the hotel reception and he took out one of these sticky sticky mats, and wanted to place them in my room. I reallt REALLY didn't want him to kill a mouse by slowly starving it to death right in my room. So I asked if he had a different room. He told me to come back in the afternoon (or ACTUALLY he said "give me half an hour", but i was late for yoga, so he said come back in the afternoon)... Lets see.

Other that that I walked around the whole day yesterday, das the in the city center and took a boat trip.

I think I have never been asked so many times, where I come from. :)I really AM an embassador:)

I have a 6.50am train to Delhi on Saturday morning, It takes 24h, so that should be fun. Today is PAkistan's independence day, tomorro it's India's turn, and my yoga teacher invited me to come with her, I am curious, where we'll go:)

I leave you with a phrase to ponder:

The past is destiny, the future is free will.

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