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Union in Diversity...

INDIA | Friday, 15 August 2008 | Views [529] | Comments [1]

...that is the slogan of this independence day. Even though there are so many different religions, casts and people in India this day shall be a reminder that we all belong to the same country and are united by that. India- the worlds largest democracy. 

I visited the parade today and learned all that. On my way there and back I saw so many things: an old woman sitting on the side of the street reading the newspsaper to herself, a cow entering someones home through the front door, girls enjoying my taking a picture and running away at the same time, more girls in school uniform discussing something, a cow utterly enjoying the banana peels i offered:), and other people enjoying watching ME eat papita (papaya, I LOVE those heavenly fruit!)....

This is my last day in Hyderabad. I feel like it is home to me now...I know Afraz, the fruit vendor, I know the people in mu hotel, I know all the waitors in my favorite restaurant, and they know me...and even though we can't communicate much, everything necessary is saidf, and smiles are exchanged...

I visited a temple yesterday. Vert interactive. There were bells hanging from the ceiling, and everything was in bright colors. The statues and paintings were being done WHILE the worshippers were inside, praying. The building itself carefully avoided harming any trees, which grow inside the building and the walls are just cut out at that point. There is red and yellow powder. There are lines of people for different gods, people offering coconut to some, opening the fruit with the help of a bar in front of that gods altar (>right word?). all very peaceful and in harmony. Some people just went in to sit and look around. On your way out you were offred a little food...

i hope i will meet someone who can explain these thing to me...

see you guys in delhi!

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YEAH anuscheh!

ok...i just started this scentence 3 times, not knowing how to tell you how happy I am for you...and jealous and freaky and happy...haha I loved the past and future thing...and now I send you my biggest hug possible. you know what THAT means ;)

kisses and so on....ayla

  axica-who else? Aug 19, 2008 7:36 PM



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