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Trip: Around the World in 86 Days

There are [14] stories from my trip: Around the World in 86 Days

Roskilde Music Festival

DENMARK | Tuesday, 9 Jul 2013 | Views [483]

I arrived in Copenhagen and took trains to the town of Roskilde's station. From there I wasn't sure how to get to the festival, but I knew that there would be either signs, people to help, or in the worst case sineario, I could just follow the other ... Read more >

Tags: camping, denmark, festival, music, roskilde

Vienna and Berlin

GERMANY | Saturday, 29 Jun 2013 | Views [438]

Vienna I'm back in Europe! The first thing i saw getting off the plane was Ryan, and my first thought after that was "I'm going to like this city just because i get to spend time with my brother." It was a beautiful city, complete with the huge ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, vienna


NEPAL | Sunday, 16 Jun 2013 | Views [503]

It's going to be difficult to put 3 weeks of intense hiking and touring around Kathmandu into 1 blog entry, but I'm going to try.    Kathmandu   Kathmandu is an interesting city. It has 2 main religions: Buddhism and Hindu ... Read more >

Tags: everest base camp, kathmandu, nepal, trekking

16 Hour Chinese Layover (and other observations)

CHINA | Friday, 24 May 2013 | Views [448]

Random thoghts:  Well that visa thing is always a sticky situation, especially being an American in China Got to love free luggage carts (keep up USA- this is how China is beating us)  I love that proud moment when you see your bag ... Read more >

Tags: china, layover

Seoul, South Korea

SOUTH KOREA | Wednesday, 22 May 2013 | Views [1443]

This was one of the most exciting legs of the trip to me. I got to spend time with one of my best friends, I didn't have to think much about what I wanted to do because Hannah would tell me, and I got free room and board! During this leg I was staying ... Read more >

Tags: food, gangnam, seoul, south korea

Sydney and getting to Seoul

CHINA | Thursday, 16 May 2013 | Views [681] | Comments [2]

On Monday May 13th, i woke up in Alice Springs and made my way to the airport to fly to Sydney to get to see Ally! It was about 6:30 pm-ish when i landed. Ally came and picked me up at the metro station outside her house. I met the family who shes staying ... Read more >

Tags: australia, china eastern airlines, delays, flying, quantas, shanghai, singapore, sydney

In the Outback

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 13 May 2013 | Views [476]

Woke up really early in Alice Springs after spending the night at yet another hostel and ate a free breakfast (!) before jumping on my bus with G Adventures (its the same company ill be doing the trek in nepal with, so I'm glad i got to check them out ... Read more >

Tags: alice springs, australia, ayers rock, kata tjuta, kings canyon, the outback, uluru

Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 13 May 2013 | Views [598] | Comments [1]

Cairns Tuesday May, 7th woke up fairly early for my tour of the Great Barrier Reef. I chose to do a day tour with 1 scuba dive where you didn't have to get a license- almost like a trial dive- and with a company where the ratio of new diver to pro ... Read more >

Tags: australia, cairns, rainforest, scuba diving, the great barrier reef

Perth, Fremantle and Margaret River

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 6 May 2013 | Views [745] | Comments [1]

After leaving Auckland, I headed to Perth to see and spend time with Mrs. Emma and her wonderful boyfriend Sam.  Day 4 was spent traveling because of a lovely 6 and a half hour layover in Melbourne airport (which is the perfect amount of time ... Read more >

Tags: australia, fremantle, margaret river, on the road, perth, wine, wineries

Days 2&3: Hobbiton and Auckland

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013 | Views [1214] | Comments [3]

Day 2 - Hobbiton Reasearch and asking people for reccomendations saved me $100NZ just in one day. I found a cheaper way to get to Hibbiton other than the expensive private coaches just by asking someone if they had heard of anything. It was a long ... Read more >

Tags: auckland, bungy jumping, hobbiton, lord of the rings, museum, new zealand

The Long Flight and Day 1: Auckland and Waiheke Island

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 28 Apr 2013 | Views [685] | Comments [2]

I LOVE Air New Zealand! that was by far the best 13 hour period I have ever spent on a plane. First - there was an individual television screen at every seat and the in-flight entertainment started as soon as you got on the plane - not after take-off.... Read more >

Tags: air new zealand, auckland, beach, hiking, new zealand, waiheke island, winery

My White Shoes Were Made for Walking

USA | Saturday, 27 Apr 2013 | Views [435]

As I sit in SFO waiting to take off on this adventure, I feel an erie since if calm. I've never been this clam before a trip. I don't know if its because I'm  an older, more experienced traveler, or I'm still in shock from what my dad did. Or maybe ... Read more >

Tags: goodbye, san francisco, white shoes

Photos: 86 Photos

USA | Friday, 26 Apr 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Pre-Flight Checklist

USA | Thursday, 25 Apr 2013 | Views [558] | Comments [3]

When your world gets turned upside-down, you have a simple choice: fight or flight. I chose flight, literally. The night that I found out my dad had been having a 10 year affair with my mom's best friend, i did 2 things: 1) I cried like I've never ... Read more >