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Little Lisbon and the Bus System

PORTUGAL | Friday, 9 November 2007 | Views [818] | Comments [11]

We have now been in Lisbon for 17 days or so. Every Sunday, 3/4 of the museums are free until some certain hour. Keeping that in mind, we save museuams for Sunday; however, the Oceanarium is never free. With that in mind we decided to take the bus trip out to the newer part of the city (on the outskirts) which was built in anticipation of the World Expo 1998. There they have one of the largest Oceanariums in the world. I don't know what it is about these type of things, but they are just cool. The fish may be ugly, and of course, they aren't appetizing to Andrew and I, but its flipping crazy to see a creature that lives a mile under the ocean and never sees light, and somehow has developed body parts like lighting bugs. Also, I don't care what they say, it wasn't the media that make sharks the feared creatures of the sea (although I am a little more afraid of jelly fish I think), it's because they are scary. They have cabbage-patch like eyes, and teeth on the outside of their mouth, and some can grow as many as 22,000 teeth in a lifetime. Anyhow, the Oceanarium was really great. We even splurged two dollars (euros) on the headsets. Does anyone need to guess Andrew's favorite part? I'll give you a hint, they were dressed nicer than we have been during this entire trip...yes the penguins.  Andrew stood in gleeful joy in front of them, and later, on the below water level, watched as they raced about.  The sea otters were pretty awesome too, they just chill and dive, and eat.  Andrew decided this could be what he would like to come back as in his next life.  We had spotted a mall on the way in, I think it has somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 shops.  Anyhow, the bottom floor is dedicated to a grocery store called continente.  Andrew and I have developed a great fondness for grocery stores, and this one was no exception.  We decided we would come back and go grocery shopping on the way home, before picking up the bus.  After four hours at the oceanarium, our legs were about done out.  We headed back to the grocery store.  We decided to get really heavy stuff, like cokes, 5 kilos of potatos, a six pack of beer, and lots of other groceries, as we were taking a bus.  Then we started the ride home.  We found our bus, and trundled up with our bags in tow.  After a 45 minute bus ride home (which was pretty direct), as we were discussing the best stop to get off on, the lady behind us tapped us on the shoulder, and asked if there was anything she could help us with.  We told her which bus stop we wanted, and she pointed it out to us.  We exited the bus, only hitting a few people with our bags, and then we began climbing the stairs which continued for about 15 minutes.) after which we walked uphill for five minutes. By the time we reached our apartment on the third floor, I couldn't feel my middle finger (I was carrying the potatoes although Andrew pretends like he didn't know about it :)  Anyhow, we came home and watched Chocolate and ate dinner.  All in all a great day.  The next day we went antique shopping (er...browsing), after the fourth shop we were bored so we headed for the botanical gardens, which were beautiful.  That night we went out with one of our flat mates (Valentine -- a great girl from Italy) and had Mexican food.  The ambience was great, lots of oranges, and greens.  The music was typical, but the food...well...Andrew ordered green chicken chili enchiladas.  In keeping with my vegetarian theme, I ordered the meal that had vegetario written beside it.  I should have translated the word Crepe in the description, which must be Portuguese for crap.  It was crepes with a greyish brown gravy filled with mushrooms.  It really wasn't too bad, just not mexican.  We also ordered nachos as an appetizer.  To understand the authenticity of the meal, let me explain the nachos.  It was a flour tortilla which had triangles cut out so that the remaining edges would have looked triangular like tortilla chips.  Then in the center was ranchero beans and chunks of meat with four jalapenos artistically arranged. I am not forgetting to write about the cheese, there was none.  It didn't really matter though, Andrew was so happy to be in a mexican food restaurant that the whole evening was happy.  So that's what we have been doing...only one and a half weeks left before heading to Italy...and....pizza!!!!!

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as we young hip kids say...Kewl !

Bless you daughter in lawyer for posting a something.

it is funny about your trip to the Oceanarium because
Sea Otters do in fact remind me of Andrew.
They have a very similar approach to life.

Alex, you are NOT selling me on the nachos or especially the Crepes but it is so good to know that you guys had some mexican food in some form.
It is good medicine.

  Richard Nov 10, 2007 5:25 AM



Ha, suckas! I'm first!

Oh man... I hates me some feesh. Fish are creepy, bulgey-eyed, ill-spirited creatures. Evolutionarily, they stayed in the water because nobody sent them an invitation to the hap'nin' land-party. Although those dogs "pugs" may have snuck out of the water, growed them some tails and legs, and sneaky-sneaked past the bouncer. Uglies. Was it impressive, being the world's beegest feesh tank??

That sounds like a delish Mexican dinner, you lucky kids. Crepes and tortilla piles. I bet when you get to Italy, you'll check out the Chinese restaurants, where they'll serve you pepperoni and mozzarella egg rolls.


P.S. Sorry I only know how to write snide comments. I try to think up insightful, encouraging contributions, but... apparently my brain is not capable of producing such commodities. Oh well, takes all types, right? Right? (crickets chirping) Seriously, guys, right?

  Annie Nov 10, 2007 5:50 AM


AHHHH! Richard! DAMN! What are you, an internet stalker? I can't believe that, while I was writing my "FIRST!" entry, you swoooped in! You're a shark!!! YOU snuck into the land-party! Back to the sea, you!

  Annie Nov 10, 2007 5:51 AM


Haw haw haw haaawww (say that with a French accent)

Annie in the fast paced world of lawncare we have a little saying...

I think in the land of lawyers you guys go with
If you snooze, be sure and bill 'em
Aren't you jurisprudence types supposed to be the sharks?
I scoff.

Anyway, I check this thing every morning and most lunch times. Because I care so much more about the AKs... and I am so starved for attention and contact with the outside world that you will never beat me. Just go play Boston Legal while I rule the internet.

Carry on, second placer.
You don't really have to think of yourself as second place though. Actually you are first place among all of the other non winners.

  Richard Nov 10, 2007 6:12 AM


First among losers! YEAH! Take that, OTHER LOSERS! Take that!

That is, Richard, if by winning you mean... hanging out on this blog like a lost little puppy. A lost little... pug! Puggy McPug. Puggles Pugstein. Lord Puggathan P. Puggenhoffer III.

  Annie Nov 10, 2007 6:32 AM


Now I know where Alex learned her interactive social skills.
You know Alex (the one who 'lovingly' calls me Jerk).

I was going to blame it all on Mardi but now I am getting a real indication of who she really studied under.
BUT the joke is on you. All of your pugnacious names are better than what I am used to being called. They don't phase a winner like myself.
I kinda like Puggy McPug.

I think I shall send you some bug eyed fish soon as a sort of smelly thank you.
Ask Andrew. I will do it. I sent him some smelly hair from my dog and a dead cockroach just so he wouldn't miss home.

Have you noticed how those tricky AKs have got us talking to each other so they won't have to converse with us? They are wickedly brilliantly evil I tell you.

  Richard Nov 10, 2007 11:07 AM


Q: What did the grapes say when Andrew and Alex stomped on them???

A: Nothing really, they just let out a little wine

  mystery man Nov 11, 2007 10:32 AM


I would like a penguin please. And a deep freeze so that I can keep it alive, this is what I asked my mom for when I graduated from high school. I will try it again when I graduate from Tech. I don’t think that she will go for it though. So the penguin can be my souvenir. I will provide the deep freeze.

  spanky Nov 11, 2007 6:47 PM


Who knew when Annie started the crickets chirping that they would keep going for so long.

I miss Mardi.

  Richard Nov 13, 2007 12:12 PM


Hi! See you on the next blog entry. Woo hoo!

  Annie Nov 15, 2007 2:58 AM


oh it is so nice to be missed. but guess what i'm back. what is with you two i leave for two weeks and here you two are going at each other like i don't know what, remember all that energy is to be used on shannon and andrew so they will post and keep us entertained in our old age as they owe it to us for all the years they were on the receiving end from us. let us all unite and bug them until we get what we come to this site for, so the fish are not quite up to par with the rest of the animal kingdom, you know it is in the eyes, fish eyes are so dead looking they just stare out, no blinking, no long eyelashes to envy, no pupils to dialate. and shannon shark have to grow that many teeth as they lose them so often to the surf boards and body parts that they bite into, and how do you think they make all those necklaces in calif to sell to all the out of state folks that want something to show the folks back home from the big city. i am glad that little old ladies are helping you two find your way around, rememver it the next time you see one trying to cross the street, do not speed up. i am keeping a record of all the booze you two are drinking on this trip, it is really adding up, tell me are the beers cold there or are you hiding it in the cooler until you buy it and if you are are they charging you more for cold beer than hot? andrew please remember that shannon will be making a living with her hands so lets not loose any fingers due to poor circulation due to having to carry heavy things on them. love and miss you both mom

  mardi Nov 17, 2007 11:23 AM

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