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My Asia I fell in love with Cambodia in 2002. I am fortunate enough to now be able to enjoy regular trips. I hope you enjoy following me and that the information is useful to some!

My Thoughts on Saigon

VIETNAM | Thursday, 9 December 2010 | Views [635]

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.It never really stops, just slows a little and takes off again! The shops never end, tall buildings, houses, shacks, millions of bikes, cars, bus's, people and so much noise!

But also clean and very fast becoming a modern city. Central Saigon is so exclusive that we felt out of place there. All the big brand names and designer shops, big Malls and shopping centers.

There appears to be two kind of travelers/tourist here and l know that there is in most places but have never seen is as much in my face as here. The Five star's and then the mid range and bums. the Mid range and bums seem to all be in the one area sharing the same restaurants, laundries, bars, markets and smiling or saying hello as we pass each other in the street. The 5 stars certainly do not smile or say hello. They are herded on and off air con bus's in their designer clothes and always look so refreshed and clean, whist the mid rangers/bums are pounding the footpath lonely planets or maps in hand preferring to walk than get scammed by the taxi drivers. We felt too scruffy and out of place to go to one of the more up market hotels for a drink, so found a lovely little bar to enjoy a G & T and the chatter of the MidRanger/Bums! 

ATMs are every where but most will only give up to a limit of two million dong a day, we were lucky to find one that gave us 8 million. So if travelling here, take that in mind. 

Safety - Be very careful in this town, a lady who is a guest in our hotel had her back cut from her shoulder in a very fast and planned attack, nothing anyone around her could do, so take care and do not carry too much on/with you. 

The DUC VUONG was a very good find in a hotel and they pride themselves on being a family! Every night there is a family dinner and you sit with the other guests who are joining in and get to know them and hear there stories, such a great idea and if travelling alone (as there were a few) it is so good to meet up with others at the end of the day. Its a very clean and friendly place and l highly recommend it to other mid ranger/ bums!!

Crossing the road - is a horrific thought at first but with a few simple rules in mind it does work!! There are pedestrian crossings but no one will stop for you! Once you have made the decision to cross the road, walk calmly and the one pace all the way, don;t stop and scream and run (even though you really, really, really want to!) as they will go around you, and they do, in front and behind and around! Scary as it is it works. Or failing that! Wait for a Vietnamese to cross the road and Ghost them!!!! That works a treat as well!

Eating - lots of wonderful amazing stall, restaurants and bars to eat at, no worries!

Internet - lots of places have WIFI, better than Aust. 

Happy Hour - is not as consistent here as in Cambodia, so just ask! But seems to be later 7- 11?? 

It has been a wonderful revisiting of Saigon for me, Bruce and Sam are also impressed (sometimes) although it will be nice to move onto a less hassled town!!!

Bikes everywhere.

Bikes everywhere.

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