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Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail

PERU | Wednesday, 18 March 2009 | Views [541]

We were on our way by 5.30am. A 2 hr bus ride to Ollaytatambo, and then another 40mins to kilometre 82, where the 44k trek begins.

A nice day at first as we got our first taste of an incline and a few ruins along the way and a pleasant walk along the sacred Urabamba river. Patallacta being the star of the show, with a large city and terraces. We camped on some cushy grass, and Aaron managed to buy a beer off the locals.

Day 2 was the killer. No ruins and a steep inclins to the first trail Pass called ´'Dead womans Pass´' hmmm. It was extremely hard, and at the highest altitude for the trip. We struggled to the grueling pass then it rained with no view... Gee thanks. Then it was incan step time. Walking down steep steps is almost harder than going up hill. Aaron managed to roll his ankle, while Amy fell flat on her knees. we got to camp buggered.

The next day was definatley the most enjoyable. We started bright and early as usual and climbed to the ruins of Runkurakay at 4000m. The road remained Incan and paved..I wish it was dirt and easy on the legs. We got tot he third pass and made our way down again as it began to dwelve into the beautiful Andean jungle and cloud forest. We reached the 'Inaccessable town' of Sayacmarca. High perched ontop of a cliff with scary steps leading to the top. Featurinf beautiful water canals running from the above mountain. We stopped for lunch and the rain kicked in. we chucked on our pomchos and made it to the third pass. we descended upon the magnificent ruins of Phuyupatamarca 'town in the clouds', which it was. It featured running ceremonial baths for weary travellers. As we continued down an impressive Incan tunnel carved out of the solid rock allowed us to pass and break up the scenery. Aaron managed to roll his ankle slightly aniother 3 times, until we came to the fork in the road. bothe to our camp site but one to the amaising ruins of Intipata. Aaron went at it alone and had the place alone. What an amaisin agricultural focused ruin. Huge terraces concave, plummeted down the impressive mountain with Mount Machu Pichu in the background. Back at camp we meet up before our guide took us to Winya Wayna, another impressive ruin, rivaling Intipata with convex agricultural terraces, ceremonial baths and a Temple of the Sun facing due east for the summer exuinox.

Finally! after awakening at 3.45am we made haste to get to the sun gate before the other minions of gringos. The sun gate was not as impressive as we hoped for and the view of Macha Picchu was under a thick blanket of fog and rain. Damn! We raced down to the gates of Winya Picchu( the steep mountain in the background of most shots) and secured our tickets to climb her, as only 400 are alowed a day. Machu Picchu was astounding. Simply magnificent, despite the millions of time we all have seen her in the media. So much to see, so many gringos to avoid! Winya Picchu was the nail in coffin. We cannot belive people can climb it. Its so dangerous and slippery and steep. the worst Incan steeps we came acroos. Extremely exhausted we mad it to these crazy ruins perched on top of a giant acute mountain top. How did they build this OSH nightmare...but what a view. simply staggering..just like us on the way down. As it beagn to rain it was time to retreat to the hot pools of a near by town and a bit of much needed R&R!.



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