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Shamanic Healing with Percy Garcia and Ayahuasca

PERU | Friday, 13 February 2009 | Views [4945] | Comments [8]

Flowering Bath

Flowering Bath

Monday night came and we were both very nervous and excited about taking part in our first healing ceremony with Ayahuasca, ´Vine of the Soul".

We meet the infamous shaman Percy Garcia, featured in a BBC documentary called Tribe. He was a lovely man with high regard for his practice.

We had a flower bath, in the river while he poured scented herbs and oils over us. Then we returned at dark for the ceremony.

We each drank the cup and layed down awaiting the nights events. Both Carlos and Percy sang beautiful Icaros songs of healing, played Digereedoos while we layed back, occassionally purging everything in our poor stomach...later it would be the other end which would act as our drainage!

The night went well, our visions were beautiful and engaging yet subtle and fragile. Other perging would easily distract...Carlos´ beautiful healing and songs individualy performed for each of us were breath taking and simply a one of a kind experience... 

Wednesdays ceremony was a bit of a disapointment as a few new comers had not shown the curtousy and respect mother ayahuasca deserved. The vibe was a little off, even Percy was not himself and we hardly had any visions, yet the perging continued.

By this stage we were questioning everything,as the ceremony still didnt seem to have the impact on us we were hoping. We continued to relax and enjoy the suroundings. Especially the daily baths in the healing waters running under the Centre.

Friday came and we were sad but feeling extremely positive. Aaron decided to try a complete no food diet and drink only Garlic tea, as it was said to hold deeper visons and healing.

Our new friends were sad to see us go and were really positive for our last night which turned out to be a cracker!!! Percy offered us a much stronger dose of his special brew, and Aaron was exstatic about the propersition, we had obtained the privelege to endulge.

What a night!! The magical experience is too hard to put into words. The songs were played in all sorts of weird and amazing instruments and lasted for hours. Mother Ayahuasca visited us in full force and revealed the inner wealth of such an experience. Our whole bodies were electrified with love and the visions were nothing short of extrodinary.

It continued well after the ceremony until our alarm went off at 4.30am!!! to begin our labourous trudge to the airport for more taxes to Ecuador..Quito.





Hi Aaron and Amy, Great to read about your adventures, take care, love to you both, Ade xxxx

  Adrienne McBeath Feb 21, 2009 9:06 AM


I saw this shaman in 06 and wasted good chunk of my money doing it , I was there 1 day / night tbh I couldnt tell whether I was being played for an ass or whether they were just trying to scam me.

He was cheap and didnt charge me much ( perhaps the problem ) but ( and this this honest truth ) Ive never been so disappointed in experince since I went to Disneyland as a kid because i didnt have any.

I might as well have drunk sour milk because , aside from the slight ache, there was nothing , not even hint of an alterted awarness ( I had done things before by myself ) much less anything even marginally on level with the experinces other have had .

For this reason I would big ? over him being genuine at all .

Suffice to say i was so disappointed ( having sturggled to get there ) i have tried and prob never will , try aya again.

Whatever he gave you or other folk was obviously not the same as me , as I could tell immediately form the fact I wasnt even sick something was wrong..esp when they started tell me stories of back magicians and other things outside my hut while trying to contain their smiles the morning later.

go at your own risk.

  bah Jan 29, 2011 2:19 AM


I don't understand this last comment about Percy (bah), I belive you are talking about someone else. If you'd know anything about ayahuasca then you'd know that it wouldn't always give you visions, or I'd say you should at least learn about it a bit before trying it.

As for Percy's work: check his web page www.ayahuasca-healing-das.org and read testimonials, if that isn't enough, then check also http://forums.ayahuasca.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=25996&sid=a526fbc07c85411cba7e54c68a8a1ba6

He has also been an invited healer at the Shamanic conference in Iquitos each year:

I think that for some reason you are deliberately trying to smear his name.

With best wishes

  Marco Apr 23, 2012 7:55 PM


Yes, Percy Garcia is the man. He has created a very safe environment for people and families and definitely knows his plant medicines including Ayahuasca I partook in a week long retreat but only partook in one ceremony. I came down with a cold while there and he gave me a herbal tea each day to drink to get ride of the cold and its symptoms. He also checked on me quite a bit during the day to see how I was feeling. I was very blessed to be at his retreat with my friends. Please don't attach Percys name with such words.

  Jared Jan 15, 2013 11:21 AM


I have spent more than one months with Percy in his retreat jungle centre and I can testimony about his serious commitment to the healing and treatment of any individuals that decide to spend time in Centro DAS. My experience of working with Ayahuasca was so positive that I have decide to organize, facilitate ayahuasca retreats and bring my expertise as a yoga therapist and expressive arts therapist to facilitate Integration Work for the retreater. I will be given one retreat in May in Centro DAS. This will be my first one as a facilitator and I am super excited and also committed and trust that together with Percy we will be supervising and guiding the personal work of each participants. This the link to the retreat information http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/from-us-1550-10-days-ayahuasca-self-discovery-retreat-may-22-june-1-2015-with-giuseppe-rosato-and-tickets-15063202444. Thanks everyone.

  Giuseppe Rosato Jan 20, 2015 4:58 AM


I'm not sure that "infamous" is the adjective you want to use unless you consider Percy to be evil.

  BR Dec 18, 2015 12:47 PM


Percy is definitly a fake shaman who is just after your money, he knows how to act to pretend he is a very caring curandero, when he really doesn't give a shit. And yes I am talking about Percy Garcia Lozano from the Ayahuadca DAS center in Iquitos. He also like tto have sex with female participant. This is my own experience, and it happened recently in 2017. Dont go and see that fake fat shaman who is talking about diet and then he goes and have sex and eat pork, look at his tummy, common !!!

  Ryan Jun 6, 2017 6:19 AM


Well that is some serious allegations you have there Ryan.

Are you implying the relationship was not consensual? or that it is not OK to indulge in meat occasionally when living in the Amazonian jungle on a no salt, no sugar mostly vegan diet?

As you can read our experience was many moons ago. I have since returned there since I wrote this, I can testify the experience was once again respectful of everyone and humbling. The only issue I had was the people in the group who did not respect the ceremony and ruined it for others though there own narcissism.

Again I can only judge from my own experience

  Editor Jun 7, 2017 12:41 PM



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