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Back in NYC

USA | Saturday, 4 Sep 2010 | Views [465]

I realize there exists a massive hiatus in my writing between now and Leh  but it was inevitable. At some point it became a necessity to live and experience rather than sit behind a computer and write about it. For next time I think I have an idea ... Read more >

Tags: black sea, bosphorus, bulgaria, goodbye, india, jordan, nyc, portugal, spain, turkey

Last day

PORTUGAL | Thursday, 1 Jul 2010 | Views [455]

I am leaving tomorrow and am full of contradictory emotions. Nothing new more or less. One is the expansive happiness to change, to move on , onwards to something new and interesting, natural ebb and flow, the exciting horror of new wrapped in a blanket ... Read more >

Tags: camping, ericeira, portugal, praia, ribeira dílhas, surfing, tent

Portugal vs Spain and some surfing.

PORTUGAL | Wednesday, 30 Jun 2010 | Views [781] | Comments [1]

Ok. It appears that you are reading this blog. Yes YOU!! You make me happy and I love you. The first night sleeping in the tent was quite eventful. First it started raining, thank you tent for being waterproof (to a point)but ofcourse nothing is waterproof, ... Read more >

Tags: camping, ericeira, portugal, praia, ribeira dílhas, surf, surfing, tent

The last few days

PORTUGAL | Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010 | Views [507] | Comments [2]

My sincere apologies for not writing sooner. It has been an amazing time, and the internet can be a scarcity. However in case anyone was wondering, I can happily say that my beard has been growing as expected. Soon I hope i can braid it and put beads ... Read more >

Tags: camping, ericeira, lisboa, porto, portugal, surfing, tent

More Lisboa and an Ariel Pink Show...yeah!

USA | Saturday, 26 Jun 2010 | Views [580]

Hello again. Amazing day today. Last night I went drinking with some French girls from Bordeaux. Surprisingly they were tons of fun. We went to dance at a place called Chapitos, which is also an art studio. The view was fantastic and after, we went ... Read more >

Tags: aljo, amazing, ariel pink haunted grafitti, barrio alto, cool, fun, lisboa, lisbon, madrid, portugal

Lisboa Day 1

USA | Thursday, 24 Jun 2010 | Views [352]

Ok so a few things happened today that I should share. Number one, I had a tiff with a british airways fellow, whom I called a retarded little monkey. You see my NYC to London flight was running late, and when I was pushed to the front of the line ... Read more >

Tags: german, hostel, lisboa, llisbon, mexican, poets hostel, portugal, world cup

3 days left in NYC

USA | Saturday, 19 Jun 2010 | Views [558]

Hello, How are you. I'm flying out in a few days but somehow I am going to miss summer in NYC. There is no time for saudade or nostalgia however. My backpack is semi packed, all shots up to date, travel insurance check, 120 film check, my trusty Canon ... Read more >

Tags: blog, british airways, delhi, india, lisbon, madrid, porto, portugal, spain, travel

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