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Bit By Bit Spending some months in Europe. Let's see how it goes... Check ya later, Barry.


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Scotland the Brave

Monday, 21 Jun 2010 | Views [474] | Comments [1]

As we write this, our last missive of the days we spent in Europe, it has already been two and a half months since we've been back. That is just over the amount of time we actually spent travelling. Much has happened since our return, including our recent ... Read more >

Passport Control/ Norway to Scotland

Friday, 16 Apr 2010 | Views [983]

It goes without saying that it was more than ironic when we decided, on Aprli Fool's day, that we were going to head home. The decision was instantaneous, and powerful, and we talked about it for hours instead of wandering around Scotland. We discussed ... Read more >

Norway (minus the Vikings but plus another a very important character)

Sunday, 4 Apr 2010 | Views [725]

Our most successful overnight bus ride yet saw us into Oslo, Norway. Plenty of space, and limited stops. We slept most of the way. There is something about those extended rides, though, that makes one awfully thirsty. We had gotten into the habit of ... Read more >

Stockholm, Sweden

Thursday, 1 Apr 2010 | Views [622]

At six o'clock in the morning, with the sun high in the sky, the streets bustling with people. we pulled into Stockholm. Another overnight bus ride. As a side note, people in the bathroom in these European countries do the nastiest things. It never ... Read more >

Something About a Wall and a Place of Krones

Saturday, 27 Mar 2010 | Views [496] | Comments [1]

As we said, we left Munich without going back to Dachau. We did not regret this decision. We spent the day in the train station, at a coffee shop, with wireless internet where we downloaded pictures and just did a bunch of nothing. After such an all-... Read more >

Never Again

Sunday, 21 Mar 2010 | Views [485]

We left the family on Monday evening, around four o'clock.   We were scheduled to get into Munich at around 8.   One of our connecting trains was late by fifteen minutes, which wound up compounding the other three connections and meant that we would ... Read more >

Mit Familia

Sunday, 21 Mar 2010 | Views [560]

Our return to Baden-Baden was easy and relaxed.   We arrived at the train station and hunkered down on the internet in order to figure things out about the bathhouse we intended to visit.   We put our belongings in a locker and took off. Baden-... Read more >

Small Days in Small Places of Central/SouthWestern Germany

Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010 | Views [632] | Comments [1]

If this is going to be an honest relationship, which is the only working kind (and of course honesty is bred from communication, because how else can one be honest if there is no exchange of words?), than we must start this missive off by being honest.... Read more >

Miniscule Update for Family and Friends

Monday, 15 Mar 2010 | Views [419] | Comments [1]

Hello to all! This last week has gone without any word from us, and we do send our apologies in regards.  However, as we update over the next few days, we are sure you will understand why (do not worry, there was no trouble and all is well, but last ... Read more >

Rudesheim is Sleeping

Saturday, 6 Mar 2010 | Views [525] | Comments [2]

So apparently we thought the time-frame in between the previous two posts was longer than it was, and it turns out that this will be our biggest gap yet, but the chronology is only good in its entirety. From Cologne we took the train to Frankfurt.... Read more >

This Past Week

Monday, 1 Mar 2010 | Views [451] | Comments [1]

Yes, we ARE alive!  And we deeply apologize if we have been the cause of any concern, lack of sleep, or change in eating habits.  The writer has just come out of an intense illness, and the photographer had nothing to take pictures of that did not involve ... Read more >

A Little Bit of Amsterdam

Thursday, 25 Feb 2010 | Views [374]

Our time in Amsterdam has been a series of ups and downs, with the ups being nice and mellow, an easy and secure ride, and the downs being the kind that really get to you. The first night began as an up, interwoven with the initial anxiety and adrenaline ... Read more >

Belgium to Amsterdam

Monday, 22 Feb 2010 | Views [443] | Comments [2]

A short promotional introduction: our NetBook has been working out quite well for us. It's about half the size of a regular laptop, and has a long battery life. The common misconception is that NetBooks are mini laptops, but they're really not. Their ... Read more >

The Louvre, Notre Dame, Catacombs, and All That Jazz! (and of course the Eiffel tower)

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2010 | Views [1248] | Comments [6]

Paris is an old-fashioned city.  It prides itself on the gleaming buildings that make it what it is, all off-white stone and iron.  It is so proud, in fact, that when a modern-looking sky scraper was put up, all glass and corners, there came to pass ... Read more >


Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010 | Views [315] | Comments [1]

Paris is an expensive city. On top of that, the exchange rate from US dollars to the euro is just outrageous.  And on top of that, the price for things is about what they would be in America, only with a euro sign instead of the dollar sign, meaning ... Read more >

Michael Rebecca Barcelona

Monday, 15 Feb 2010 | Views [304] | Comments [2]

We were surprised to find out that, after not hearing from us in only a couple of days, people were beginning to wonder where we were.  Rebecca's mother informed us that she was even getting phone calls: "Where are the kids?  We haven't seen anything ... Read more >

Two Days in Figeuras, Spain

Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 | Views [350] | Comments [2]

First off: we would like to thank everyone for the huge response we have had to our blog!  What a treat to be able to share our experiences with you all.  It is so fun knowing we can write it down and you will witness our time in Europe with us first ... Read more >

While You Were Still in the US, we were wandering Madrid.

Monday, 8 Feb 2010 | Views [313] | Comments [4]

"We should have gotten luggage with wheels," Rebecca tells Michael as she watches everyone go skating by, effortlessly maneuvering their own bags with only the inconvenience of bending a few fingers.  Sometimes it feels like shouting at the ... Read more >

Thank God for Madrid

Sunday, 7 Feb 2010 | Views [297] | Comments [1]

They say that Madrid is "the city that never sleeps".  Well, take it from us, laying down at 1AM here, that it sure as heck is.  We are in our hostel room, have just enjoyed a movie after over 8 hours of exploring this divine place (thank you ... Read more >

Lisbon, Portugal Days 2 and 3

Thursday, 4 Feb 2010 | Views [343] | Comments [8]

Day Two We started our first official day in Portugal with a simple but doable breakfast compliments of Turim Suisso Atlantico.  As soon as we were done eating we re-packed and high-tailed it out of there.  "Lisbon's historic core has four ... Read more >

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