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Yohans life and blog of interesting things Hello readers and welcome to my blog! My name is Yohans. I really like cheese, my little ponies and things with brightly coloured patterns. I don’t like so much, mushrooms and zombies.

About yohanssimpson

Hello readers and welcome to my blog!

My name is Yohans. Although I am a very regular human I have found that lots of very strange things happen to me, on what is starting to feel like a weekly basis. I have therefore decided to document them so as a) not to forget them and b) to share them with all you fine folks because sometimes they are quite funny and interesting.

I would like to apologise in advance for any grammatical or spelling issues, but that’s the way this blog will be, factually correct, grammatically… not so much.

Where to start? My name is Joanna but despite this not many people call me Joanna. It’s a very serious name I think. When people use my full name I always feel like I am in some kind of trouble, most of the time I go by Jo, or more recently Yohans. I have decided Yohans will be my writing alias, because it sounds good.

I am 27 years old studying a PhD in Chemistry (don’t ask why). I am living in York until my degree finishes in approximately 2 years 3 months. Then my plan is to move back to Edinburgh for a year to live with my boyfriend Dave. After that who knows, Australia or America maybe.

So I think that’s probably all the background information you need to navigate your way through this blog. Oh I should point out that I am actually a girl not a gay man, as I think Yohans is mostly used as a man’s name.

Now that we have cleared that up let the blog begin…..

Oh P.S some things I quite like


·         Cheese

·         My little ponies/rainbows

·         Art/Music

·         Traveling

·         Humans and animals (especially baby animals or animals with freakishly big eyes)


Things I don’t like

Mushrooms and zombies


My Travel Map:

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