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Sweet as Bro... "Sweet as": Second most common phrase in New Zealand after "awesome". Said when someting is rather good instead of just "good" or "OK". Often followed by "bro".


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random catch-up!

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 10 May 2008 | Views [578]

i am sorry, i didn't keep up with this blog, but there was just too much going on and i didn't have time for anything. yesterday i finally handed in my last assignment for the next three weeks, deep beath. i also sorted out my practicum. of course ... Read more >

Tags: life, university

"pardon?" - "...nothing."

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | Views [1108]

this easter weekend jenny and i had an awesome time going to the northland. kingston, our nearly-flatmate, took us up with him and we stayed at his parents house. they own a farm in ahipara, very close to 90 mile beach. standing on the deck you could ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine, life

in da hood

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 17 Mar 2008 | Views [1659]

well, i actually don't know how describe what i experienced this weekend. we made a trip to auckland, but a very special one. we (that's jamie, maike, jenny, mo and i) started friday noon from hamilton, te rapa road. right, we hitched up to auckland.... Read more >

Tags: culture, life

"the art of dieing well"

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 13 Mar 2008 | Views [854]

this pretty much describes my day. i was confronted with death not only once, not only twice, but three times today. it started off with the police knocking on the door (omg, are they gonna raid our house for marihuana...?) and ask us if we had seen ... Read more >

Tags: life, university

mango power!

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008 | Views [686]

omg, it's sooooo true! once u tried mangos here, u'll never wanna eat that shite again u get in tschöööörmänie (germany)! red and yellow on the outside (not green!) and soft and juicy and tasty inside... omg, what a heavenly taste...   wanna have ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating, life

buzzing flies...

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 | Views [628]

i am sitting in my room right now, flies buzzing around my head. i don't know why there are so many of them in nz. they are everywhere, totally annoying. yesterday at the kebab place they had a lamp that kills flies when they fly against it. the sound ... Read more >

Tags: life

rugby+flatwarming=gr8 day...

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 24 Feb 2008 | Views [639]

nz is just amazing. we missed the last bus (at 5 pm - imagine...) and tried to get a cab (like 30 other people who wanted to go to the rugby match) and somehow we ended up getting a free ride on a uni bus who took people from bryant hall (student dorm ... Read more >

Tags: friends, life


NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008 | Views [667]

forget what i wrote this morning, it's all gone (sun is even shining): I got a room!!! in a flat together with 6 other ppl, 4 girls and 2 guys. flat's not the tidiest or nicest, but very close to uni and very cheap. just 75 NZ$ per week plus ... Read more >

Tags: adrenaline, life

getting started...

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 18 Feb 2008 | Views [498]

i just finished creating my timetable, later i'll have to go to university to get it approved by a paper counsellor. hope it'll work out just fine. i'm still at the hostel (a very cool one, btw) and jenny is, too. we got into the same one just as everybody ... Read more >

Tags: life, planning phase

24h before the check-in

GERMANY | Monday, 11 Feb 2008 | Views [474]

this one is to you guys, to keep in touch. i miss you loads already! it's 18.15h, in exactly 24 hours i'll be standing at a check-in in terminal 2, frankfurt airport, maybe at the one jenny's currently waiting at. it was somewhat strange to say ... Read more >

Tags: friends, life, planning phase

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