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mount maunganui beach

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 2 March 2008 | Views [859]

i should be reading sth about the anne hutchinson trial in 1637 now, but nevermind. my thoughts keep drifting away the whole time, it's no use. actually i'm hungry, but the fridge is empty and i'm too lazy to walk the 5 minutes to the dairy and buy something. mb i'll get take away with jenny as soon as she gets here. yesterday i left hamilton for the first time - yay! as ina put it: "feels like the first trip out of prison". she's right. we all feel a bit stuck here right now. where's new zealand?

we kinda got a sense for that going to mount maunganui. we started early in the morning and i at least had no clue what the weather was going to be like. since it was a beach trip i put on sandals and short pants - big mistake. as soon as we got on the bus ("greenline" busses - anyone remember the course books from 5th to 8th grade?! thats it.) it started to rain. it didn't stop the whole day. first i got really angry - you know me, swearing and cursing and just being really pissed off - but after the first coffee in the "copa cabana" i felt better already. clothes still wet and all - whatever. make the best out of it! if u ever get to the "cabana" - try the baked potato or the quiche lorraine - awesome! fabian and ina went swimming in the ocean straight away, rain pouring down on them, and said that it was awesome, but we decided to go to the hot salt water pools first. the best thing to do if it rains and you're stuck at the bay of plenty, btw! so we sat in the steaming hot pools for hours and hours, the rain coming down all the time - sometimes more, sometimes less. after a while jenny, ina & co left to climb the mountain and the rest of us stayed. i'd have really liked to go with them, but not without proper shoes and raincoat. so i keep that for another day ;-) when the rain ceased we left the pools for a short while (that's possible - just walk out with your swimsuit and towel and later walk back in casually and nobody says anything) to go to the beach. and then i stood there, in front of the pacific ocean, wind blowing hard and huge waves rolling onto the shore. it was by far the most beautiful thing i've seen so far in new zealand. mo and i tried to run into the water, jump over a wave and then stand but it was just impossible. i got knocked over almost every time. the force was so strong that i felt very little compared to the ocean spreading out in front of me. i've always loved the sea for its massiveness, its infinity, its life and the magic it works upon me. by looking at it i feel my body shrinking and my mind expanding, reaching for the water and the sky at the same time, getting close to the whole universe.

we left at around 4.30h, and yes, then the rain stopped. i didn't care anymore. i was exhausted, but in a good way. but no time to relax - big concert on campus. the datsuns were playing, and it was awesome. we were dancing mad and mo and fabian tried to pogo, but kiwis just don't know how to do it. just as they don't know how to behave at a classical concert, clapping and cheering while u try to concentrate and lose yourself in the music...

gotta stop now, jenny's gonna be over any minute and i still have to follow poor anne hutchinson through her trial. 

and i am sooooooo hungry........

Tags: beaches & sunshine, friends, sightseeing

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