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Time Is Money & London Life Takes Time

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 10 September 2011 | Views [595]

Peroni, sun, Thames, Beirut playing, perfect afternoon :)

Peroni, sun, Thames, Beirut playing, perfect afternoon :)

Welcome indeed. My days here consist of 8am wakeups, half-hour showers, toast and marmalade and hot chocolate and cig for brektus, followed by two hours in the internets room typing this blog. Too busy posting the past on the net to live in the future.. Once I catch up and can keep on top, I'll be right. She'll be right, mate.

I'm never sure what day it is. Staying at a hostel, you see the same faces, have the same fantastic conversations, spend increasingly more on drinks as the day wears on, it all gets a bit blurry. Which reminds me, I haf to go to Boots (it's a big-name pharmacy here. Ha, boots!) to purchase a microfibre cleaning cloth for my specs.

So what IS there to do in London?! Well now! You can drink, you can walk, you can do both at the same time (depending how much you've had), you can buy anything your heart desires (providing, of course, you have the £), the world is your oyster. Providing, of course, you have the £. I bought my first oyster card yesterday, it's a public transport card, you go to station and 'beep' and you catch the tube and get off and 'beep' and you're where you wanna be, so simple. Banks here have no bank fees! Wow! So many fantastic pubs and beers and ciders and gosh the weather here is incredible! Flip-flops and shorts weather. Of which I packed none. Aaaahhh cock, I packed all my adventure clothes, I'm so upset! The nightlife here calls for my captains jackets and vests and boots, I'm seriously considering sending for them.

I went to a park in 'beep' Fulham 'beep' and lay in the sun writing postcards for my dear friends back in Australia. That was the first proper relaxing thing I've done since I came here. Looking forward to the next such moment when I can dump my bag (hell did I overpack or what! Grrr.. huff huff huff) and aaaaaahhhh.... relax... zzz zzz..

Lugging my bag across London, looking for simcards, an average coffee (I've almost given up on ever finding a place that knows what a flat white is..) or 2 minute noodles to cook back at hostel and save a bit of money for more drinky-drinks, it's really hard work. My shoulders hurt just thinking about it. Drinking here is also hard work. Guinness is a heavy fricken drink. I should alternate hands..

My money is disappearing faster than I believed possible, it's time for a little holiday to the country to hang with my cousin Po. Heck, even that is pricey, a one-way train ticket (under an hour journey) is over £20. It makes me pretty sad to think how I'm spending my time and money on everything but myself. Ah well, they can't take my alcohol from me :)

"I told you before, you cannot drink outside in the smoking area, I don't care if it's in a plastic cup. I'm sorry, but you know the rules and you broke them." ~ George the Romanian, just before he took my pint of cider and poured it down the drain.

Dear London. I think we should take a break from each other. I love you, and you'll always have a place in my heart, but I don't have the energy to keep doing this. Sorry.

Bye London, I'm off to 'beep' Andover 'beep'


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