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My Suggestions for 5 Cool Things to Do in Bangkok

THAILAND | Wednesday, 28 December 2016 | Views [284]

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the premier tourist destinations in the World. Travellers from all over the World flock to the capital of Thailand to experience the renowned hospitality of the Thai people. The sprawling metropolis, situated on the Indian Ocean, has about 8 million residents and occupies about 1500 square kilometers (650 sq. miles). By any measure, this is a city to be reckoned with. So, what cool things to do in Bangkok might heighten your experience. Fun activities to do in Bangkok include parks, museums, and other cultural activities. This article will help you plan your "escape game bangkok style." We will be reviewing five places and cultural areas to visit during your stay. In Bangkok places to visit are so numerous, so this article will help you to narrow down your plan.


1) For many of us, Thailand is a place of enchantment, a city associated with grand palaces and timeless elegance. One of the best ways to experience these fabulous traits is to visit the canals, called "klongs" that meander their way through the city. Today, Bangkok is a city of highrises, but around the klongs, it is still possible to experience Bangkok as it once was. You will traders buying and selling their time-honored wares. Indeed, this is also the place to see where Thais who are not part of the hustle and bustle of the new age still live. In beautifully carved houses, airy and full of the scent of delicious Thai food, you will experience the Thailand that most of us are keen to see, hear, taste, and touch. Thailand is built on the Chao Praya River - you can catch your tour boats on the Western side of the Thonburi River. 


2) While you are in the Khlong, you might want to meander your way to an artistic secret of the best quality. In fact, this secret place is only accessible via a Klong. It is called "Baan Silapin" - which roughly translates as 'the House of Art.' Here, you can experience traditional shadow-puppetry, an art-form that has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years. The address is 313 Phetkasem 34, Khuha Sawan, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160. You can get access via the Western side of Thonburi.


3) Do you love flowers? Be sure to check out the renowned Flower Market in the center of the Old City. Because of its tropical location, you will likely see many species you have never seen before. The warm rain forest of Thailand provides an excellent home for the most splendid of flowers: the orchids and the bromeliads. You can, of course, buy flowers to bring to your rented apartment or hotel room to enjoy during your stay. Prices are always great in Thailand!


4) So, you're not one for pulling any punches? How about watching some experts stick their head in the jaws of a gigantic salt-water crocodile? Sure, we have all seen this on TV, but seeing this in real-life is something both frightening and awesome. At the Samutprakaran Zoo, you can see some of the largest crocodiles in the World. Their keepers, in this case, are also performers.


5) Have you been touring Bangkok all week and need an adventure with friends? Check out the Escape Break Room game. The flagship venue in Bangkok offers four rooms with various themes. Some of these themes are Relic Rush, Ghost Ship, Outbreak, and Kowloon Captive. You and your friends will be a team, locked inside a room, and together, you will solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Each room is manned by an "Escape Master" who assists participants in solving the puzzle. But, time is running out! You have one hour to escape the room and solve the puzzle, so make sure to build up the team spirit! Check out the Escape Break Room website for more information.

With these 5 secret outings in mind, we hope you get an experience in Bangkok like no other!

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