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Don't foget to pack a smile A journal of an aussie gal's adventures while living and working in UK and riding the wave that is travel

A cure for cycling

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | Views [671]

London is cycling crazy. Its official. And It's catching. It's not just the barclays bikes that have whipped everyone up into a fervour. It's cycling in general. I am now the proud owner of a ladies, hybrid, wicker basket sit up and beg bike. Bascially ... Read more >

Tags: bikes, cycling, london, road, rules

Gallery: snow day

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 17 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: paris new years

FRANCE | Sunday, 17 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

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let it snow, let it snow let it snow....

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | Views [683]

Well this week has been an interesting one. On Monday (Feb 2) we actually had a snow day. The weather forecasters had been predicting it since mid last week but everyone refused to believe it. I of course had my snow hat on and was wishing and praying ... Read more >

Paris.. schmaris..

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 | Views [1612]

Paris - schmaris It’s the place where most girl’s fantasies take flight, in fact deep down I always thought I was a Paris girl. Sure I’d heard of people who hadn’t like Paris, but those were the non-romantics, the non-believers in falling in love with ... Read more >

I left my heart in New York City

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 18 Dec 2008 | Views [1747]

Well I am back home seriously jetlagged and sitting in my flatshare in london and the only thing seeming to keep me warm right now, are happy thoughts of my four days in New York. I guess I wasn't really prepared for what New York is all about but ... Read more >

irish eys are smiling

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 16 Nov 2008 | Views [609]

Well ireland has always appealed. How could it not with its folklore, leprechauns,  faeries, stunning coastline, charming locals and picturesque countryside, and friedly atmosphere. Personally I had not thought about what I wanted from the trip at all ... Read more >

charming cairo

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Nov 2008 | Views [792]

Well I'm right at the end of my tour, last day today and just chilling in cairo before our 4am flight to amsterdam and london. Well I don't know if I cld possibly put it all into words. The trip itself has been lifechanging, the culture of egypt, the ... Read more >

jack frost is just around the corner

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 11 Sep 2008 | Views [603]

Well I suppose it would come as no surprise to everyone that its starting to get colder over here and I'm actually enjoying it. Over here you can really feel, see, touch and sense the seasons. I felt spring, the greeness the baby animals, the flowers ... Read more >

Hampton Frivolty

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 | Views [628]

I have always been a fan of history, its a known fact I am quite the history geek. All things tudor in particular. Of course I have had a long love affair with  world war 2, world war 1, the black plague, mediveal periods and etc.. but the tudors.. thats ... Read more >

Carribean Fever

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008 | Views [742]

When I first heard of notting hill carnival I thought why not? that sounds like fun, another little adventure to tick off my list and seeing as I wasn't going away for the long weekend bank holiday I thought it would make for a nice little highlight ... Read more >

william wallace eat your heart out

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008 | Views [1237]

In every place I've gone to I've tried not to form an idea in my head of what I think the people or the place will be like. With spain all I had in my head was bulls, tapas and the word 'ole', literally.. so when I got there everything even the bad things ... Read more >

Divots, picnics and all things polo

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 | Views [1564]

When I initially agreed to go to a polo match with the girls, I was picturing a similar experience to what I had at ascot. Drunk girls, sometimes trashy dresses and a rambunctious crowd. That all went out the window the minute we arrived in Windsor ... Read more >

Finding Mr Darcy in manchester

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 | Views [870]

Well would you believe when I went to manchester I found Mr Darcy? Thats right and I took him home with me. In the form of a bookmark of course... Manchester what a city of deception. Everyone I spoke to when I said I was going up there to visit one ... Read more >

Fancy a punt?

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 | Views [473]

Well one sunny wednesday this month I got to try my hand at punting.. what is punting you may say? well google defines it as: definition: An open flatbottom boat with squared ends, used in shallow waters and usually propelled by a long pole. Cambridge ... Read more >

Gallery: viva san fermin

SPAIN | Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Spanish eyes

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Views [1327]

The bulls, the sangria, the passion, the spirit and the crowds. That just about sums up the key ingredients that make pamplona a visitor's paradise playground. Everything about Pamplona during the festival of saint fermin was celebrated with a fervour ... Read more >

Meeting Jack

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 3 Jul 2008 | Views [514]

well  I finally got to meet jack. Or at least meet the area in which he once lived and learn how and perhaps why just under a century and a half ago he literally 'ripped' London  apart. I had booked ot join the 'authentic' jack the ripper tour a couple ... Read more >

Gallery: Ascot

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Ascot Adventure

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | Views [785]

Ascot . the word brings to mind royalty, horses, fashion and fascinators.. well I have to say I saw all that and more and perhaps a little bit more into the seedy world of the racing wonderland that I wanted to see... Prepared with my polka dot ... Read more >

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