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Roadtrip Australia: Van-Tastic Northern Territory - WILLIE & ANDREW Americans Willie and Andrew embark on the ultimate Aussie roadtrip as they motor around Northern Territory with Van-Tastic Adventures for six action-packed, free-wheeling weeks of adventure.


AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 5 May 2010 | Views [1399] | Comments [2]

During the six weeks that I knew Geoff we grew close. When I first met him I was intimidated with little to no experience driving manual. But within moments he made me feel comfortable even on the opposite side of the road (not to mention the opposite side of a vehicle).

I drove Geoff for hours upon end. His seat molded to the shape of my rump. That is how close we became. He knew me. At night we stayed up late together sharing our thoughts and the rumbling of his refrigerator.

We had each other’s back. When he was thirsty I gave him petrol and when we were being attacked by mosquitoes he shielded us from their malaria. That’s the kind of campervan Geoff was.

If you asked me to describe him in one word? The little campervan that could. He was karmic. And just when you thought you had Geoff figured out he would surprise you with a button that triggers the sink that you didn’t even know existed.

He was wise. He taught us that parking in a space with low clearance will result in a moderately sized hole in the roof that will allow rain to seep through for two weeks.

Geoff was selfless but he wanted you to be prepared for every situation. That’s why sometimes he sacrificed his battery so that we wouldn’t become complacent. He used tough love and forced us to push the envelope or in most instances just push-start him.

We are all sad to watch Geoff go but he will always live in our hearts and 16 videos that are plastered all over the internet. He always told us, “If you drive it. And you film it. Then you will win it.” That is something that has always stuck with us.

Before we returned the keys to Traveler’s Autobarn Geoff made one final request. He asked me to tell his story and make sure that everyone voted for the Northern Territory team in the Van-tastic competition.

So please vote for us HERE. July 2nd – 25th. If not for us. Then at least for Geoff. It’s what he would have wanted you to do.

On a more serious note, Andrew and I would like to sincerely thank everyone that is reading this and has been following us along our six week adventure. We even want to thank those of you that reached this page by accident while looking for some other Andrew Adams and Willie Concepcion.

This trip has been an unforgettable experience and during our travel we fell in love with the beauty, culture and people of the Northern Territory. Our goal was always to share this love with you while showing our experiences in the most fun and interesting way possible. We hope you learned some things about the Northern Territory and if not at least had fun watching us embarrass ourselves.

We owe so much to Katrina Greeves, Alicia Smith, Tara Parsons and the rest of the World Nomads team. We also want to thank Kellie and Kate from Tourism NT, Phil from Traveler’s Autobarn for always looking after us and everyone we encountered along the NT that appeared in our videos.

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Yay!!! Wonderful send-off

two best guys to be in such a crazy place

  Morgan May 10, 2010 11:40 AM


Hahaha, Willie eating spicy shit is always the funniest

  Shane May 11, 2010 3:02 PM



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